Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Comic: Philosofox (by Qalcove)

Man, whatever that physic did to Nick must be really good. Usually nothing gets to him!

This one's a bit philosophical, as Nick is seen in deep philosophical reflection (I learned that from philosophy class!). As Judy tries to figure out what's wrong, she ends up doing the same thing!

This one's pretty funny, really, especially if you've had to take philosophy class in high school or college. It's seriously relatable; sometimes I've been like this after philosophy class!

"Philosofox" was submitted and created by Qalcove, who is from the ZNN Discord Community Server! If you have anything you think would be ZNN-worthy, join the ZNN Community Server, and you could feature your own work here on ZNN!

Check out the full comic right after the break, and see more art by Qalcove over on their Deviantart! 


  1. man i hope someone dubs this Comic.

  2. "What is the sound of one paw clapping?"

  3. Not bad. I was expecting something very serious and dour, which makes the humorous finish all the more humorous. Consider me impressed.

  4. the punch is at last, that at first Judy was happy, but after that big question she seems also like Nick. To see to the deep parts of life...