Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Comic: Walking Home (by Eaves [へべ])

I'm a bit crazy for Wildehopps, and I think all of you Wildehopps shippers will squeal as loud as Clawhauser when you see this!

Walking Home by Eaves (へべ) is a silent comic -- a short-yet-amazing comic between Nick and Judy's hardworking day at the ZPD without having any dialogue! Without any words to read, you'll be able to embrace all the emotion the comic has to offer. Wildehopps shippers, get ready here!

Check out the full comic after the break!


  1. I am confused. Why did she freak out and need comforting? The images seem inconsistent with it just being that she was being carried.

    1. I guess she was startled, then as nick calm her down, she then become thankful that its nick.

    2. Yeah, last thing she remembered was being at her desk at the ZPD. Now it's night, she's outside and she's moving. She was disoriented for a moment. Very sweet the way Nick calms her and she relaxes into his arms.

    3. Well, that explains the startling. The comforting part is what throws me; just seems excessive.