Saturday, September 9, 2017

Midnight Randomness: Zootopia Crack Series! (by MCBYTE886)

Warning: Lots of language, memes, and potentially offensive jokes await you if you watch these videos.  But what do you expect from something called "Zootopia Crack"?  That's pretty much the definition of the genre.

You know how I've been hoping that more video editors would take zootopia and do fun stuff with it?  Well, "ask and ye shall recieve".  With 7 videos in their Zootopia Crack Series so far (the most recent of which came out last week!) MCBYTE886 shows off exactly the sort of humor I love to stumble upon at 1 in the morning.

Get your crack (videos) after the break!


  1. I see why u guys put (videos like that) Haha. It would have said get your Crack after the break haha

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