Saturday, September 23, 2017

Comic: The Dating Experience (Part 1 and 1.5) by Another-WildeHopps-Blog

Ah, high school.  Who remembers their first big high school crush?  Did that ever end up going well?  I don't think I know anyone whose high school relationships ended up lasting past high school, but you never know.  Either way, it's great fodder for shipping stories.  If you love that sort of thing, Another-WildeHopps-Blog is here to deliver!

Check out Nick and Judy's first day at high school in The Dating Experience, Parts 1 and 1.5, over on tumblr or after the break!


  1. Zootopia, japan highschool opa kawai edition!

    1. since i am already talking two languages and have a little grasp on third, i doubt i will ever stop...

  2. oh gosh this is so cute!Especially the panel that judy thinking whether nick is her type with many nick's face as background hahaha

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  5. Ummmm it's like "boys like you" but in different story. I love it! :) Keep it up!

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