Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wild Games, NOW IN ENGLISH! (by the ZDC)

The Zootopia Dubbing Channel is back with a new video that I'm certain all you Sherlock Holmes fans will enjoy!

With permission and assistance from AlStiff, who created this fantastic animation, the ZDC has taken the original Russian and dubbed it into English!  Starting the fantastic Captain Wilde as Nick Wilde, and the absolutely stellar FutureInspirationManifestation (known as Leah to her friends) as Judy Hopps, this Victorian Era video is one you definitely don't want to miss!

Can't wait to see what the team at the ZDC brings us next!  Check out the video for yourself after the break!


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  2. Wow this is awesome!!! Wanna see more of it!

  3. Awesome!!!! 10/10 nice animation and hoping we can see the full animation like a little movie. :)

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