Art of the Day #108: Gary and Larry

Gary and Larry by Sunnynoga
Source [1]

Time to give our favourite “night howlers” some love! They may have only had one small scene together, but these guard wolves made quite an Impression on all fans of the movie, human and canine alike.

Dogs are such dorks. It’s adorable.

Get your art after the break!

Larry (Disney)by Yoshiknight2
Source [2]

Larry and Gary by Hayato-Osayama
Source [3]

Larry and Gary by TheSniperwolfy
Source [4]

Midnight Sketchies – Gary  by RaigekiEXE
Source [5]

Was That a Howl by FurryLovePup
Source [6]

Zootopia Larry X Garry by doraemonbasil
Source [7]

Zootopia Moon Moons by silverfox5213
Source [8]

Gary Funko POP by DL2288
Source [9]

Larry y Gary by Hayato-Osayama
Source [10]

Larry (zootopia)  by Hayato-Osayama
Source [11]

OTP  by exofoxy
Source [12]

Zootopia Gary and Larry by hasegawa-YU
Source [13]

Gary – Zootopia by Lievre
Source [14]

ずとぴ と ふぁいどり by のらり
Source [15]

もふっと ずーとぴあ by うろぐつ
Source [16]

A Brand New Day by takemotoarashi

He Has a Name by takemotoarashi

NO NAME by takemotoarashi

Those wolves are soooo CUTE by takemotoarashi


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