Saturday, April 8, 2017

Art of the Day #96 - Black, White, and Kinda Sketchy

Disney - Request for Zootopia020 by EnvyQ00
Source [1]
Art!  Now without all those pesky "colors".  Who needs em, am I right?

...Yeah, that was probably the worst intro I've written in a while.  Oh well, you can at least laugh at my current lack of mental finesse.

Get your art after the break!

[Unknown Title] by ky-jane
Source [2]
Finnick decided to start his new business! by S.KIT. by kit-ray-live
Source [3]
[Title Unknown] by kechooooo
Source [4]
Bogo by kechooooo
Source [5]
[Title Unknown] by hvit-ravn
Source [6]
[Title Unknown] by subaru40802
Source [7]
[Title Unknown] by mother.
Source [8]
[Title Unknown] by ユニ
Source [9]
[Title Unknown] by なくなくさん
Source [10]
[Title Unknown] by UnknownArtist
Source [11]
Nick Wilde Sketch by FluttershyTheKind
Source [12]
221. One year anniversary by nik159
Source [13]
Nick. Give it back! by LilxArtist
Source [14]
[Unknown Title] by mistermead
Source [15]
ズートピアつめ2 by びびお
Source [16]
In Transylvania... by secoh2000
Source [17]
Follow me NO BUTTS! by Jinksa
Source [18]
[Unknown Title] by sprinkah
Source [19]
watching a movie. by sprinkah
Source [20]
Hero's by brokeguy21
Source [21]
Inktober 8: Finnick vs Snowball by vicockart
Source [22]
A little sketch I did to cheer up a certain sly fox ♡ by hana-bi-4
Source [23]
ついったログ3 by モコ
Source [24]
らくがきつめあわせ by めーこ
Source [25]

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