ZNN Crossing the Deleware by SteamPoweredFox and the ZNN Art Team!
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Three Million Pageviews.

I’m just taking a moment to let that sink in.  This website, which began from my unusual passion for a single film, has grown and grown until now, as the picture above suggests, I am leading a crew of about forty people from all around the world.  Granted, it’s a rather hodgepodge crew, and is often very silly, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I guarantee that I would not be here, writing this, if it weren’t for your constant support.  The people who read ZNN every day, catching up on new content, commenting on our posts… you’re the ones who I do this for.  If it weren’t for you, dear readers, I can safely say I would not be the person I am today.

Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Zootopia has been out for a year now, and ZNN is almost just as old.  In the past 11 months we have seen success I never dreamed of.  The Zootopia fandom has flourished, and even now continues to bring about work that is more impressive than anything I could make on my own.  It’s almost unheard of for a movie to have a dedicated and loyal following like this so long after its initial release, yet I believe that, for many of us here, the love we felt for the tale of Judy Hopps is just as powerful today as it was when we first saw it.

Even now, we continue to act on our inspiration.  We continue to make epic works of art.  We draw comics.  We tell stories.  We edit videos and mix music.  We are not a flash-in-the-pan fandom.  We are a community of bold creators who have found a muse we cannot ignore!

And I am so excited to share all of our passion with the world, here, on ZNN.

Thank you so much.  I look forward to the rest of this amazing journey we are on together.


Try Everything.

~Andy Lagopus

ZNN Crossing the Deleware: Full development and credits!

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  1. The reason we didn't feature that is because it is complete bunk. The only "confirmation" is that they mentioned that there is enough material to make a sequel. There's nothing in there that actually confirms anything has even been greenlit.

    Also, look at the cast list. It's absurd. Grey DeLisle as 5-year old Nick? Different VA's for ages 11 and 12? Rami Malek as Tucker Wilde, Nick's Older Brother (with 3 different voice actors for him)? Sorry man, but this article is complete BS with a clickbaity title and no real evidence.

    If you want to talk sources, I have talked with very reliable people in Disney Animation Studios who have told me that no, there is no official news about a sequel. Rich Moore is busy making Wreck-it-Ralph 2, and Byron Howard is co-directing Gigantic, both of which are talking up all of their time for the next few year or two at least.

    TL;DR: There is no truth to that article whatsoever.

  2. As I had mentioned in my Tumblr (@zootopepo), Zootopia was not "just a movie".

    It was a phenomenon.

    Never before have I seen a fandom still *very* vibrant after 1 year… even without clear news of a sequel, without new canon material… even with other good & great movies being released after Zootopia no longer screened…

    The fandom keeps chugging and creating and prospering, despite all odds. And new people keep discovering — and falling in love — with Zootopia.

    And many got touched and transformed by the movie.

    May this be just the first year of many, for both Zootopia and ZNN!

  3. Also the real reason there has been no real news is apart from the Oscars and various other rewards shows. Disney have been bizarrely quiet about discussing the success of Zootopia so finding "real news" is actually surprisingly difficult to find.

  4. Figured id take the big TL:DR post and just leave this for any interested…

    It is likley fake, but there is one other source that uses this character list found here

    The creator says he is translating it from russian, and he has yet to respond to my PMs…

    But yes, 2 unknown sources sound a little shady, and the 2nd is really shady imo as it is from an ideas wiki, but I have not yet heard any denial by disney or the directors to the source…

    Ultimatly, It is probably fake news, but without a true confirmation/denial I guess it is up to the public on what to believe until more information becomes avalible.

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