Story: A Rabbit Clan’s Fox

Art: Red Velvet Panda

[Rating T13][Adventure][Friendship][AU][Complete]

This is unquestionably a marvelous tale featuring our fox and rabbit in a Bronze Age AU, when mammals were still learning how to act civilly toward one another and society as a whole was just starting to flourish. A startling turn of events has Nick ending up as Judy’s thrall for Clan Hopps, and they have to discover how this will change their destinies forever. With a remarkable attention to detail about their cultures and the various happenings in their daily lives, this amazing story will captivate you from start to finish, with a sequel potentially looming on the horizon. – DrummerMax64

Author: Boney_M

Description :
The relative harmony of Zootopia is still millennia away. The bronze age is a time of constant conflict, not only between species, but within them. In this age of xenophobia, perhaps bridges could still be built between rabbits and foxes. Or at least between one specific rabbit, and one specific fox.

A Rabbit Clan’s Fox
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Additional Tags: An epic friendship in an epic era.


  1. This is probably my favorite Zootopia fanfic and it's definitely not something I'd normally read. I recommend giving it a chance if you haven't yet.

    • Could't agree more! But IMHO the story would have gained depth if it incorporated more about the inner workings / thoughts / feelings of and between Nick & Judy. I missed that a bit…

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