Friday, March 3, 2017

Story: Please, Remember Me: Arc 1 - Tailor's Son

Art: Unknown
[Rating T13][Family][Drama][Complete]

A beautiful story that presents Nick with a chance to regain that which he once lost. While the supernatural premise might turn some people off, I encourage you to keep reading as the characterization and narrative is spot on. But most impressive of all is that it's a story that somehow manages to be both heartwarming and devastating at the same time, raising some interesting moral questions by the end. And being a series, there's only more to come. - Berserker88

Author: Greywolfe
Description : Dear Nick, your life has been an unfortunate series of miseries that has left you unable to allow people inside. I hope these restored memories help you in some small way. [An OC Spirit Fox gives Nick the ability to change very specific parts of his past.]
Please, Remember Me - Tailor's Son
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  1. An interesting story to be sure. Based on how it ended I'm quite interested to see how/if the author starts the next arc.