Story: Bobby Catmull, Rock God

Art: Silverfox5213

[Rating K9][Humor]

One of our favorite side characters from the movie is admittedly a mammal of few words, but he has some hilarious facial expressions to more than make up for it. Not only that, be he is a bona fide musical genius to boot. This fun story does a fantastic job of chronicling the rise of Bobby Catmull from his lowly beginnings at the Carrot Days Festival, and juxtaposes it with an amusing interview featuring the mammal of the hour and an array of other characters. Another delightful work from YFWE himself! – DrummerMax64

Author: YFWE

Description :
The school dance. The wedding band. The viral hit. Follow Zootopia’s newest star through it all.

Bobby Catmull, Rock God
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