Saturday, March 4, 2017

Full Q&A with Rich Moore and Nate Torrence!

Earlier today, Rich Moore and Nate Torrence appeared in front of The Big Donut (aka Randy's Donuts) for a short Q&A!  Broadcast over Facebook, and taking questions from their audience, they spent about 20 or so minutes answering all sorts of questions- including one from ZNN's own Raphael!

Now I'm wondering what they could possibly do with a Skunk character.  It may come from Rich Moore, but I think the idea kinda stinks.

I'm not sorry.

Check out the full Q&A after the break!


  1. I was surprised when Rich said my own name and the question I made. Yeah, a skunk could be a good addition to the new cast for the sequel, and possibly a few more unique animals.

  2. Thank goodness no shipping questions were asked; that would have gotten awkward real fast.

    1. Actually, a load of them were asked, they just didn't take those questions.

    2. In my opinion they took so many softball questions. There were a lot of very good questions asked yet only 3 of the questions they picked were actually good/movie related.

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