Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Comic: Jack and Judy (original by TGWeaver- and it's actually SFW!)

Some time ago, we ran a poll asking what you all thought of Jack Savage, and the results came back fully in favor of him being a suave and sophisticated agent.   But in second place was the "Skill-less Stooge" option, which was primarily developed by TGWeaver.

So, in an unusual turn of events, we have a SFW comic from the king of lewd comedy, TGWeaver!

I won't be linking to his tumblr due to the family-friendly nature of the site, but he definitely deserves credit for this clever and hilarious comic!

Check it out after the break!


  1. I like the suave Jack but this is so funny XD

  2. That's an interesting twist on things, and it looks like the naive little bunny probably believes what she saw in movies.

  3. I really do like TGWeaver's work. Yes, even the raunchy stuff.

  4. Heh, mostly a fan of the more serious Savage, but I like this version too...