Thursday, February 2, 2017

Art of the Day #84 - A Special Gazelle Birthday!

Gazelle by Mistrel-Fox
Source [1]
Today is February 2nd. This may seem like just a regular day for many people, but it’s a day for talent. In the world of Zootopia, we have Gazelle, the pop star with her Hit Song (and possibly only one): Try Everything. But in the real world, we have Shakira, the colombian pop star with many, many pop songs. To celebrate Shakira's birthday, we from ZNN give to you a Special Art of The Day dedicated to her and her character!

Get your art after the break!

ズートピア詰め by まりこ
Source [2]
After show selfie by chirenbo
Source [3]
Gazelle by nicoisartsy
Source [4]
ズトピDVDカウントダウンログ by 瑠宝(シオ)
Source [5]
[Title Unknown] by @_iasatay
Source [6]
Try everything by kawacy
Source [7]
Gazelle by Hanimetion
Source [8]
Gazelle (Zootopia) by sunshineartbyme
Source [9]
ズートピアのひとたち(アイコン) by ろんた
Source [10]
ずとぴあ落書き ※擬人化有り by げぼ
Source [11]
ずとぴあ落書き ※擬人化有り by げぼ
Source [12]
ズートピア素晴らしかった by ソリタT3
Source [13]
ずとぴ と ふぁいどり by のらり
Source [14]
Gazelle by Sawa6114
Source [15]
Zootopia Gazelle by Esther-Shen
Source [16]
Officer Gazelle by freedomthai
Source [17]
Try Everything by kingmeow
Source [18]
今までのズトピ全まとめ by neko壺
Source [19]
Try Everything by iJayDeath
Source [20]

Little Gazelle by 野良いぬ
Source [21]
[Title Unknown] by tony-curl-ff
Source [22]
Trip The Light Fantastic by FluttershytheKind
Source [23]
I Messed Up Tonight by Code-Shark
Source [24]
【ZTP】ツイまとめ by UnknownArtist
Source [25]
Gazelle by ProbablyFakeBlonde
Source [26]
Nick as Gazelle by Simmeh
Source [27]


  1. kawacy's got some impressive skills here...

  2. Dear GOD--Nick as Gazelle! Awesome!


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