Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Comic: Waffley Wedded Wife (Original by KungFuFreak)

It is common for people to be nervous right before their wedding.  They're scared that they're making the wrong choice.  That they're not worthy of the other person.  Or that they'll embarrass themselves with a hilarious flubbed line that will get tens of millions of views on the internet.

That's what happened to this couple.

Naturally, it needed to be remade with WildeHopps in mind.

Thanks to KungFuFreak for this amazing adaptation of one of the most important moments in two people's lives.
Check it out over on Deviantart, on Tumblr, or after the break!


  1. Well, that made me laugh. (And I love Judy's dress)

  2. And you can never tell just WHO will be responsible for the gaffe. At my first wedding, the minister reminded the congregation that "the institute of marriage is not all physical harm - CHARM...".

  3. This was better than the original clip...and it works so well with Nick just rolling with it...