Thursday, January 12, 2017

Comic: Fall Appetite (Original by biwako)

"Autumn's the season for eating!" Or so goes a Japanese proverb, and Clawhauser certainly agrees! But what discussion did they have to make Clawhauser give up his beloved donuts? Read below and find out!

Thanks to biwako for making the original comic (and be sure to check out her other comic Memories from the Past), and to LMAbacus for translating and editing it!  Check out the original over on Pixiv, and the translated version after the break!  As usual for translated comics, read from right to left!


  1. Gideon being childhood friend? well...

  2. Hmm, Reminds me of that little 4 frame comic that has been around since the movie dropped... Id have to google a name, but it should be named part 2 to this.

  3. Well he did want some change after what she said.

  4. Noooo, don't eat more! We like your shape! :)