Friday, December 30, 2016

ZNN: The Unaired Reports

[Comedy] [Slice-of-life] [Rated T-13]
Have you ever wondered what happens at ZNN after hours? If you answered yes, then I have just the fic for you! 

Based on (semi) real events, The Unaired Reports follows the members of ZNN in their various excursions and adventures. From taking down drug lords, to playing what appears to be an innocent game of truth or dare, this fic does not fail to entertain. ~Namicle

Author: Berserker88

Description: On the surface, the Zootopia News Network seems like a highly professional organization. On closer inspection, it is anything but. Taken from the archives of some overly-ambitious roleplayers, join the ZNN staff as they do just about anything except report the news.

ZNN: The Unaired Reports

Additional Tags:  A rare look at just how ridiculous the ZNN team really is! 

Also, This is a little present that comes to you in celebration of Andy Lagopus' Birthday!  Just letting you know that that's today.  He'll be spending most of it with family and friends, so we're not going to have too much more content today, but tomorrow, we have something very special planned for New Year's Eve!