Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Story: Hunters

[Mystery] [Noir] [Rated M-16]
I wasn't too sure about this when I first read it, but after a second read I really recommend this well written detective story that took an interesting trip into Nick's seedy past. It starts with a pretty dark premise, so if you're looking for fluff and rainbows you won't find it here, but as a noir mystery it was top notch. ~Pulltogether

Author: Quintus

Description : When a vicious assault leaves a rabbit in the hospital, the search for the attacker sends Nick and Judy on a journey through the seedy underside of Zootopia.

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Additional Tags: Will the world ever see Nick as anything but a shifty and untrustworthy fox?


  1. Hm... it was ok, though I had expected more insight fron the first person point of view. And the ending just felt a little off, a bit unsatisfying to me. I hope that there will be more stories that continue with the plots laid by this one so that there would be more, feels!