Friday, November 18, 2016

[Mead] Judy is Dead Parts 11 and 12: Savage City and Eye/Tooth

...and the hurricane hits, throwing us into the final arc of Judy is Dead. Savagery on scales that Bellwether could only dream of plunges Zootopia into chaos as the ZPD scrambles to keep the situation contained in Savage City. Then an old fox throws himself into the fray to the narration of one of the most authentically Zootopia-feeling pieces of poetry I've read in Eye/Tooth.

Check it out over on Tumblr, or after the break!
Savage City



  1. What can I say, Parts 11 & 12 are simply OUTSTANDING.

    I love how Nick prepared for all eventualities, to the point of amazing his officers. "What is he? The goddamn wolfbat??"

    And the last three panels of Part 11. As if the zooniverse suddenly hold its collective breath as the old fox comes in.

    The whole of Part 12 is simply an exhibition of Awesome.

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