Thursday, October 13, 2016

Comic: A bedtime story (Original by @yoursister_0710)

Everyone loves good bedtime stories, especially Nick and Judy's (possible future?) kids.  But this story?  Well, I'm going to guess that Judy got this specifically to mess with Nick.

The best part of this?  It's a real kid's book.  I'm totally serious, I've seen it at Barnes and Noble.

Thanks to @yoursister_0710 (동생반얼음) for making the original comic, and thanks to Zootopiacomicskr for translating it for us. You can find the original on Twitter and, as usual, read from right to left and get your translated comic after the break!


  1. These people are amazing by doing this book lol

  2. She's a bunny, and looks identical to Judy, but has green eyes.... Maybe Zootopia has some kind of technology that makes it possible or something?

  3. Well then... thanks internet XD
    BTW Andy, has this been featured on ZNN before?

  4. Nick looks so young... HOW?
    They look like siblings for fox sake!

  5. The last strip, Nick's expression is so PRICELESS!!! good comic btw... :3

  6. someones burning in hell for this...