Saturday, September 3, 2016

Comic: The Wilde-Hopps Chronicles

There are comics that set standards of quality.  And then there are some fan comics that take that standard and blow it out of the water.  The Wilde-Hopps Chronicles, by PvtScott, is one of those comics.

Drawn entirely by hand, in pencil, the Wilde-Hopps Chronicles has some of the most amazingly consistent art styles I have seen.  The way they draw the fur, the clothes, the guns... even the framing is magnificent.  I am almost convinced that this is the work of a professional comic book artist.  And if PvtScott isn't one already, well, they should be.

Check out this absolutely phenomenal comic on PvtScott's Deviantart, or after the break.

Page 1- Responding to the Call Pt 1
Page 2- Responding to the Call Pt 2
Page 3- Responding to the Call Pt 3
Page 4- Responding to the Call Pt 4
Page 5- Aftermath Pt 1
Page 6- Aftermath Pt 2
Page 7- Aftermath Pt 3
Page 8- Aftermath Pt 4
Page 9- Resurfaced Pt 1
Page 10- Resurfaced Pt 2
Page 11- Resurfaced Pt 3
Page 12- Resurfaced Pt 4
Page 13- Incident 33 Pt 1
Page 14- Incident 33 Pt 2
Page 15- Incident 33 Pt 3


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  2. I like the story, and how the relationship between judy and nick is going.

    Only thing that's bugging me is the cliffhanger, my brain is like "*sigh*, really?"

    I mean, its an awesome comic, and i love it, but could it just've been *one* panel longer?

  3. The fur shading and stylization is probably my favorite thing to note about this comic series.

  4. Are we going to talk about the fact that the name of the street on the first panel of the fifth page is literally "street"?

    Really nice comic :)

  5. The drawing here is amazing.
    I have one more thing to say:
    Rocket Jump. (page 4 panels 12 and 14)