Monday, August 1, 2016

Get Screencaps from ALL of Zootopia!

If you're at all like me, you notice something new every single time you watch Zootopia.  It's so packed full of detail, there's absolutely no way to see everything in one go. So, when the Blu-ray was released, you probably wanted to go through the film frame-by-frame to make sure you caught everything.

Then you probably realized that it's an hour and forty minute long movie and going through it at that pace would take absolutely forever.

Well, fear no more!  The lovely people over at and their affiliate site, (which has many other animated movies besides Disney), have done all that excruciating work for us!  If you're an obsessive fan like I am, or if you're an animation student who wants to learn exactly how Disney did what they did (which, again, I am), I strongly recommend you go over and check out their sites!

They have literally tens of thousands of images directly from Zootopia, which you can view for free at this link!  Or, if you're willing to pay a little bit to help support them, you can buy .zip files with all of them pre-packaged and in order.  $30 for three months of unlimited downloads (and thousands of movies to choose from) is not a bad deal at all.  I bought it, and I am super glad that I did.  Why?

Because now I have this!

And this!

And this too!

All super easy to find and grab for whatever use I may have for them!

Heck, now that we have these, we may have to do some Screencap Compilation posts.  I can already tell it would be fun to do a "Best Faces" post!

So, check it out over at!  You won't regret it!