Saturday, August 20, 2016

Comic: Marriage Vows (Original by 龙赢赢赢赢)

Aww, is a marriage not  something beautiful?
Congratulations, Nick! Even if you have to carry Judy's special... marriage ring.

Thanks to 龙赢赢赢赢 (Dragon Long) for this fun little comic and thanks to QNinjar for translating it into english for us. You can find the original on weibo or after the break! Don't forget to read this comic from right-to-left!


  1. Haha, what an irony of life! The week animal becomes the master of the masculine one!) I used to think that the pictures artists draw can be a good study book for all the psychologists. The tones you use, colors, the way you push on the pen leaving the heavy lines, the way how curvy they are, the composition you choose, the balance, the form and the concept it is just perfect source for giving you a diagnose! Yet, if the drawing is a test, then marriage is a school, every test you pass there to define your place in the scale. Learn ahead with how to pass it all!

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