Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ZMV: Somewhere Only We Know (By Tatsu-chan)

Not all ZMV's need to be three or more minutes long to get you to feel what they want you to feel.  Sometimes they can be short, sweet, and to the point.  Which this one definitely is.  Lilly Allen's version of "Somewhere Only We Know" is beautiful, and Tatsu-chan did an excellent job of conveying the emotions of the song with imagery from Zootopia.

Check out the video over on Tatsu-chan's youtube channel, or after the break!


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    1. See, I don't know what to make of this. It's too customized to be written off as spam, but at the same time, it's linking to a site that doesn't actually relate to what you're talking about (no Zootopia or Disney articles on the blog page).

      Also, not to be rude, but if you are essay writers, "I am too and the rest of my team" and "many Disneyfilms arts at our blog" isn't proper grammar. Your comment doesn't exactly fill me with confidence in your writing abilities.

  2. OMG
    Using Judy Hops was actually great idea! Absolutely loved it.