Saturday, July 16, 2016

Story: Water Under the Bridge

[Crime Drama] [Mystery] [Epic] [Complete] [Rated M-16 for Finn.  You'll understand when you read it.]

I just finished reading this story all the way through in one night.  I couldn't put it down.  But the artist who did the cover says what I would say, so I'll just turn it over to renowned comic artist, Mister Mead.
Water Under The Bridge might very well be the ultimate Zootopia fanfic.
Or at least that’s like, my opinion man. I swear though, it’s got it all: An intelligent and mature storyline, pitch-perfect characterization of the main characters, running gags, self-referential humor, a quirky and well-written cadre of OCs, well-researched biochemistry, and shipping on such an agonizingly slow burn that you could cook live crabs on it. I’ve also been assured there’s a whole lot of popular culture references in there that go right over my head.
Seriously it’s such a blast to read, I just can’t shut up about it. In fact I think it’s SO good, it actually takes away some of my enjoyment of OTHER fanfics, because they’ll just never reach up to the high standard this story sets.
At a total of 13 chapters,  94000 words, 98% octane, and the dial cranked to 11, it is no longer a great fic that is at risk of being abandoned. No, it’s that most elusive and rare of beasts, a great fanfic that has a satisfying ENDING.
So, there you have it.  Go read this story.  Now.  You won't regret a second of it.

Author: WriteAnon
Description: Judy and Nick are wrapping up their careers as patrollers and moving up in the echelons of the ZPD.  Not a moment too soon, as a seemingly open-and-shut case reveals a deadly conspiracy that could tear the megalopolis apart.  Once again, Team WildeHopps must race against the clock against cunning old enemies and dangerous new ones.
Water Under The Bridge

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Additional Tags: WildeHopps sounds like a nice restaurant... like a bistro where the service is excellent and they have nice cloth napkins you don't want to actually get dirty.

Table of Contents after the break

Chapter 1: The Sun Sets


  1. I finished reading this story a week or two ago. Very well written, but the amount of blood spray was a bit much for my tastes.

  2. I'm supposed to be doing an assignment for school right now (yes, over summer), but, ya know, this is Zootopia...

  3. Only thing I dislike about this is the fact that it's not on Otherwise, it's a good fic to read.

  4. I felt like this story, which read all the way through, sort of forced the romance in at the last second. Almost like the Harry Potter romance. It was a decent story, but you can feel the hand of the author in there.

  5. "It's just water under the bridge... " when we imagine that something has already passed and no longer has significance in our lives, it becomes just water under the bridge; or is it? Is it possible that the ole' water under the bridge is really magical, that it has the power to transform our future? Water under the bridge.