Friday, June 24, 2016

Hot Fuzzy T-Shirt on sale! (Will be gone soon)

This picture by Fishmas is awesome.  Seriously awesome.

So, who wants it on a T-shirt?

For the next 10 hours, Ript Apparel is offering shirts featuring this design for just $11.  You can get it on a hoodie, A T-shirt, a coaster, a print, a tanktop... pretty much whatever you want it on.

Personally, I think that it's cool when stores take pieces of cool fanart and make them into physical items.  Especially when the artist gets a cut of the sales.

So, check it out over on Ript Apparel while it lasts!

And thanks to /u/DL2828 on reddit for pointing this out.  It's a cool offer that might have been missed had you not posted about it.


  1. DANGIT! It had to be today?! Lol

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