Friday, November 24, 2017

Story: Transfurmers

Art by RCJ
[Rating T13][Action][Crossover][One-shot]

The original Transformers may be "robots in disguise," but Zootopia fans should have no problem figuring out the parallels between characters in this crossover that places the animal-filled world in a universe where robots rule and the Pawtobots and Predacons spar for the upper paw. Can MegaFox and Hoptimus Prime settle their differences before destroying each other? Regardless of the outcome, stay through the twist at the end. Trust us. ~YFWE

Author: Lothar Hex
Description : Zootopia/Transformers crossover one shot. I am a bad man and I do bad things to the franchises I love.
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Additional Tags: ok also does anyone else remember Beast Wars?

Midnight Madness: The Battle of the Buns!

Ladies and gentlemammals, a challenge has been issued.  Two prominent figures in fandom, JaxBlade and ACRacebest, have engaged in battle, with Mic The Microphone mediating.  And so, at Race's request, I am enlisting the aid of the Zootopia fandom to help answer, once and for all, that ages-old question:
Can you imagine?  LOLA?  Hate to break it to ya, but her role in her debut film was... well, nostalgia critic explains it best.  She's literally the token bunny that Judy is not.

Clearly there's no contest here.  Judy is best bun, and the superior rabbit in every way.  Sure, Lola finally got a fun and interesting personality in The Looney Tunes Show, but that didn't show up until nearly two decades after she made her debut.

So now, to arms!*  Let's show them who truly deserves the title of Best Bun!  FOR the lols JUDY!  Do it quickly, since this poll ends around 2 PM EST / 11 AM Pacific!

*no actual arms will be distributed by ZNN at this time.  Please see your local gardening store for the appropriate angry mob supplies if you so desire.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Watch Nick and Judy in Disney On Ice! ...kinda

Skating on a roof by MurLik
Last week we reported that Zootopia was finally getting a small inclusion in Disney on Ice as part of the pre-show, Fit to Dance.  The news was a bit underwhelming, considering that it was only a pre-show and that it was only available in Australia, but some news was better than no news.

Well, thanks to Justin Rafferty, we now have footage of that pre-show.  It's interesting how it seems like they actually got Jason Bateman to do some lines for Nick, but Judy does not sound like Ginnifer Goodwin.  I was also hoping that they'd actually be on ice for this, but I guess that's a bit much to ask of people in big heavy costumes.

Check it out after the break!

Art of the Day #142- Thanksgiving Fuzzies

ZTP まとめ by うめのこ
Source [1]
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America! Enjoy some turkey, eat some pie, and have fun with family, if that's what your day looks like. Take a second to appreciate all the good things you have in your life, and be thankful for them. That's what the day's about after all.

I personally am thankful for ZNN. There have been some ups and downs, but I love being able to write to you all on an almost daily basis, and to be able to show off the amazing things you make. You're the best, I mean it. Thank you so much for your continued support- it's literally changed my life, and the lives of many others.

As a side note, to all you retail employees who will have to go to work right after dinner to sate the greed of thousands... stay strong. I'll be right there in the trenches with you. I swear black friday starts earlier and earlier every year, and somehow it only gets worse...

Get your art after the break, and show the artists how thankful you are for their talent and work by following the source links!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Story: Ultrasonic

Art by TioZandra
[Rating T13][Action][Crossover][Complete]

If you're a fan of the TV show "Miraculous," get pumped, because this isn't just a crossover featuring Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps in the roles of Cat Noir and Ladybug. In "Ultrasonic," "Miraculous" star Marinette must team up with Nick in Zootopia to fight a foe that quickly becomes shared between the two of them -- and the city as a whole. The result is a fast-paced, highly enjoyable romp of an action fic that stitches together two seemingly incongruous worlds into a tale worth its salt. Check out the source material beforehand if you'd like, but you're going to have a good time no matter what. ~YFWE

Author: SmashGenesis
Description : Several years after the first case of his career, Nick finds himself dealing with a certain juvenile delinquent far more often than he'd like: One Marinette Dupain-Cheng. But after a devastating turn of events, Nick and Marinette find that they need each other's help, for the fate of two worlds depends on them.

Additional Tags: ok but now i want to see nick and judy as cat noir and ladybug tbh

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons: Zootopia vs T.U.F.F. Puppy

In many shows, there are partnerships that probably would not go well in the real world.  A Fox and a Rabbit, while they might work in Zootopia, would probably have a very different outcome if introduced to each other IRL.  Perhaps there wouldn't be as much munching going on between a cat and a dog, but the rivalry between the two most common pets is legendary.

So what happens if you take two of these crime-fighting cartoon duos and put them up against each other in a rap battle?  Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons is here to answer that question.  Credit to the cast, they did a good job imitating the character's voices, and the rap is pretty sick.  I definitely recommend it!

Check it out after the break or over on soundcloud, and get ready for it to get stuck in your head!

Story Updates 21 November 2017 - How many ways can Silence fall?

Everything must come to an end at some point.  Including fics that have been updating consistently since Zootopia first released.  That's right, George James Valtom's "Silenced by the Lamb" is now complete!  And, in an odd coincedence, the much more recent "How Many Ways Can a Fox and a Rabbit Fall in Love" by PullTogether is finished as well- with a chapter titled "Silence of the Lamb".  Weird how things sometimes work out that way, right?

Updated Stories:
Silenced by the Lamb by George James Valtom [COMPLETE]
The Masked Fox by Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
...And All That Jazz by WANMWAD
The Faded Line by TheStarsShadow15
Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais by Garouge Faux / Crewefox
Enhancements- Part of the "What If" Collaboration Project by Zanrok
How Many Ways Can a Fox and a Rabbit Fall in Love? by PullTogether [COMPLETE]

New chapters after the break!