Friday, December 15, 2017

Story: Whitfur's Gambit

Art by WordSPark37
[Rating T13][Crime][Mystery][Action][Complete]

Within the first few chapters of "Whitfur's Gambit," Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are removed from the Zootopia police force by their own paw (or... mouth) -- and for good reason, because their latest case is one that'll take a decidedly unorthodox approach to solving. Luckily, they're the bunny and fox to solve it, though be wary; their friendship -- and budding relationship -- may not last the case. A strong effort from WordSPark37 that provides an entertaining mystery, well-written characters and a satisfying will-they-won't-they romance. ~YFWE

Author: WordSPark37
Description : A routine drug bust turns into Nick and Judy's biggest case since the notorious Nighthowler incident. Corruption, betrayal, murder and a dangerous new drug are just some of the things the famous duo will have to face off against as they struggle to bring justice back to their fair city. But will their friendship survive the hardships ahead?
Whitfur's Gambit
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Comic: A Witty Fox (by Frava8)

Amen to that, Nick!  It's time of year when we all get a reminder both of how pervasive consumerism is, and simultaneously how shallow and unfulfilling it is.  After all, in the words of one very wise Grinch, "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

This timely comic comes to us from Frava8, who absolutely NAILS nick and Judy's expressions, and delivers a fun punchline too.  Great work!

Check it out over on deviantart, or after the break!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Art of the Day #147: Overwatch Special!

Zooverwatch by 杯具螺旋丸
Normally with Art of the Day posts we try to include a variety of artists.  However, today's a little different due to our posting tool undergoing maintenance.  While searching the internet, we discovered a FANTASTIC series of Overwatch crossover art from an incredibly talented artist named 杯具螺旋丸, which google translates as "Spiral Cup" or "Cup with Spiral Pills".  

I have to say, some of these castings just work WAY too well, like Weaselton as Junkrat or Bellwether as Reaper.  Judy as Officer D.VA is a given, considering there were some people who thought the Officer D.VA skin was a reference to zootopia.

So, for today, rather than having each individual image having a caption with a source link, since they all have the same artist and source, you can find them over on Pixiv by following this link!

Check out their work after the break, and let us know what your favorite is down in the comments!

Story: Integrity, Trust, and Bravery: Villainous Intent

Art by Ziegelzeig
[Rating T13][Drama][Crime][Action][Romance][Sequel]

Assassins, unending danger and a nefarious cult. A terrifying trifecta to be sure, but it adds up to just another day at the office for our newly married rabbit and fox in this riveting sequel to Keftense's first Zootopia story that both ups the ante and gives readers another high-risk case to enjoy. It builds on the foundations of its predecessor in several exciting ways, heightening the suspense and getting us invested in characters old and new. And if the first story is any indication, a host of shocking twists and tearjerking scenes will be lying in wait for you when you least expect them. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Keftense
Description : After the Canals Incident, Nick and Judy got married and welcomed new faces into the ZPD from that night. However, all is not so peaceful, as an assassination attempt has left them realizing...they may have angered someone in the past. Who is it, and who is this cult of mysterious mammals hunting them? The Shadow dedicated to murder for hire and they are good...very good.
Integrity, Trust, and Bravery: Villainous Intent

Additional Tags: Might hold the honor of story with the scariest cover art in the fandom.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

CaptainSparklez encounters a Zootopia Meme

Yes... you've been NickRolled
The sudden explosion of the I Will Survive meme has caused the internet at large to take notice of the Zootopia fandom, and as a result I'd say it's safe to define the past week as the "week of memes".

Well, before IWS, there was another zootopia-related image that went viral: someone abusing the poor Zootopia Facebook Page's comment bot by saying they wanted to kill themselves.  Since this happened, the Zootopia facebook page has had to either remove or modify their comment bot.  And, due to all the people trying to replicate this meme, we had to stop replying to messages on the ZNN Facebook page as well.  There are only so many ways you can respond to a joke like that before it just gets tiring, after all.

Nevertheless, the screenshots of a bot-chat-gone-wrong made it to r/softwaregore, and CaptainSparklez made a video of his reactions to the past month on that subreddit.  His reaction is hilarious, so if you like that sort of thing I bet you'll get a kick out of it.

Check it out after the break!

Story Updates 12 December 2017

Finals season is in full swing, so if you want to take a break from studying, why not take a load off and read one of the chapters we have available for you today? There's nothing like a good Zootopia fic to keep your mind active! Or so I've heard. Regardless, read on, and best of luck to you all on your exams!

Updated Stories:
Deputies - Part of the "What If..." Collaboration Project by RedPen
Closed Doors by HawkTooth
...And All That Jazz by WANMWAD
Zootopia - In the Days That Followed by ayziks
Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais by Garouge Faux/Crewefox

New chapters after the break!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Story: Waking Death

Art by gistech
[Rating T13][Suspense][Crime][Sequel][Incomplete]

The follow-up to gistech's "Grief's Reunion" is every bit as engrossing as its predecessor, with an added flair for thawing and slow-building romance, mysterious plotlines and a deeper exploration of its many characters than ever before. Told from multiple POVs and in a riveting blend of internal monologues and third-person narration chapter by chapter, "Waking Death" thrillingly pushes forward what has become a must-read series in the world of Zootopia fanfiction. ~YFWE

Author: gistech
Description : Doug Ramses and Dawn Bellwether escape from Mountainside. Nick and Judy are put on the case to uncover the origins of a mysterious new drug called Waking Death while working on mending their relationship. Meanwhile, a new adversary plots to bring down Zootopia. Set one year after the events of Grief's Reunion and 19 years after the film. Part 2 of the "Reconciliation" series.
Waking Death
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Additional Tags: ok but doug is actually one bad dude