Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Story: The Pawcuffs

Art by Ziegelzeig
[Rating K9][Humor][Friendship][Complete]

We all know how crazy Nick and Judy's antics can be in the more upbeat Zootopia fanfics, but their prank gone wrong in this comedy really takes the cake. BeecroftA takes us on a laugh-inducing caper where our legendary cop duo has to disentangle themselves from a ludicrously unfortunate mishap, the end result being a story that's full to the gills with humor and heart. It's hilarious, it's in character, and it'll answer the all-important question that's undoubtedly on everyone's minds: why is Nick wearing that ridiculous elephant onesie?! ~DrummerMax64

Author: BeecroftA
Description : While out on patrol one night, Judy learns the hard way that coffee and cuffs make a dangerous combination around Nick. Partially inspired by an I Love Lucy episode.
The Pawcuffs

Additional Tags: Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in some pawcuffs with you.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Comic: Plan B (by BlueDouble)

Time for an oldie but a goodie!

Well, not that old. The comic series Plan B by BlueDouble recently celebrated its first birthday, and to commemorate the occasion, we're featuring it with its own comic post on ZNN.

The four-part comic imagines Mayor Bellwether as an, er, connoisseur of predators, particularly their anatomy on a muscular level. Judy and Nick opt to use that knowledge to their advantage, as any good, smart cops would. Right?

Also, #ShirtlessNick alert. Get it trending, dear readers.

You'll get a chuckle out of this one. Check out all four parts below!

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3
Part 4

Warm Bodies Comic Dub, Pt. 2 (by MrLeftTurn)

Let's keep the Warm Bodies AU train a-rollin' with another edition of MrLeftTurn's comic dubs of Katie Katastrophe (KungFuFreak07)'s original series.

We featured "Saved," earlier this month, and now we've got "Wherefore Art Thou," which was originally released on Nov. 30.

It's quite longer than "Saved," clocking in at just under a minute, and features vocal work from MrLeftTurn (Nick) and Cinnamon RollyPollie (Judy). Wolfx1120, meanwhile, handles the editing.

Wanna read the original comic? Click the link, dawg. And check out the latest video below, with more to come on ZNN soon!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Art of the Day #172

[Comm] Nick the fox sleeping in a drawer! by SAGADreams
Source [1]
Hi Everyone! Chris here!

The only evidence of how Nick Wilde's place looks like is from the official Artbook of Zootopia. This showcases that, even if Nick manages to deal with the routine in the big city, he's still living in poor conditions. I really feel bad for him...

But for now, let's give to you all a new round of artworks. Enjoy!

Don't forget to click on the images to share your appreciation to the artists!

Story: Vicious Schemes

Art by Ziegelzeig
[Rating T13][Mystery][Drama][Incomplete]

When someone goes missing, the worst case scenario is that they end up dead. While this is not what happened to Nick, some people might say that what happened to him is just as bad, maybe even worse. "Vicious Schemes" presents with a compelling mystery that starts off with Nick's disappearance and only escalates once the ZPD finds him. Nick is no longer the same, and how will Judy adapt to the drastic change that happened to her partner? ~Calidian

Author: OptimusPower92, servant1999
Description : Nick and Judy have been together for about a year now. But when Nick goes missing, it tears Judy apart from the inside. And when she finds him, things will never be the same.
Vicious Schemes
Also on DeviantArt

Additional Tags: good things never last, cyborg Nick

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Return to Zootopia, Episode 3: Partners

YO. It's that time again!

Browntable Entertainment is back with the third installment of its Return to Zootopia series, which was published to YouTube on Feb. 16.

The 12-minute clip is once again expertly voice-acted and animated by all involved; all told, if you've been on board with the series so far, you're gonna love this.

And if you're sitting there saying, "Wait, what's THIS?!" Yo, where have you been?! No worries, though; get yourself caught up with the links to the first two parts below.

Episode 1
Episode 2

All right, let's be real: none of y'all who are already familiar with Return to Zootopia are reading this anyway. You just want the new one injected directly into your veins! In that case, get it after the break, and be sure to subscribe to Browntable Entertainment on YouTube to stay totally up to date.

Story Updates 17 February 2018

Although Valentine's Day was a few days ago, love is still very much in the air! And we've got you covered with some nice updates today, plenty of which are romance-based. Nothing beats reading Zootopia fanfiction to get you to experience love! ...Okay there's probably a lot that does, but you catch my drift. You can't deny though that Nick and Judy would be perfect valentines for one another. They do enough flirting as it is.

Updated Stories:
Different Tails by VariableMammal
A Ghostly Love by Fox in the hen house
The Fox and the Rabbit by ShippingMammals
In Our Dreams by Dancing Lunar Wolves
While We're Young by Dizzie HamHam Writer
Our Love - Part of the "What If..." Collaboration Project by Laverne, Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Constants by tarienn
A New Dawn by Connor-Olen

New chapters after the break!