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Art of the Day #160

Bureau of Prohibiton ft. Zootopia by yelnatsdraws
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Not gonna lie, a version of Zootopia set in the roaring twenties would be slick.  I can picture the two of them being undercover agents searching for speakeasies and other criminal activity.  Nick would fit right in at that sort of party!

Also, have you noticed we've nearly got this series of articles living up to its name?  They practically are daily now!  And we've got even more art for you today, so let's not waste any more time.

Get your art after the break and follow the source links to the original work!

Story: Honor for All

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver
[Rating M16][Fantasy][Mystery][Action][Adventure][Crossover]

Even if you haven't played the action-adventure game "Dishonored," this is still a crossover that's worth checking out if only for its exhilarating combat and searing tension. And that doesn't even begin to cover the fact that Nick and Judy are absolute badasses, employing both stealth and guile to accomplish their mission. Remarkably faithful to the game that inspired it and spearheaded by a trio of excellent authors in the fandom, "Honor for All" is a slick, robust and thoroughly enjoyable thrill ride where assassinry and intrigue roam the streets of Dunwall. So sharpen your blades and stick to the shadows – there's malevolent forces at work here. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Nehkles, WhatABummer, sarcasmIsOurStrength
Description : In the dying, plague-infested city of Dunwall, fear, treachery, and bloodlust lurk around every corner. Nick Wilde is the Shadow Fox - infamous thief and burgler. Judy Hopps, the Royal Protector of the Empress. A rabbit and a fox brought together by the point of blade, snared in a web of conspiracy, and struggling to survive without compromising their souls.
Honor for All
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Zootopia Tribute- Stand By Me (Video by... TheWyvernsWeaver?)

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver
Yeah, you read that title right.  TheWyvernsWeaver apparently isn't just the artist behind the incredibly amazing Sunderance.  He's also apparently a very skilled video editor!  He even made the Star Wars prequels look legitimately great!  Is there anything this guy can't do?

I asked, and apparently he can't do a backflip.  So there's that.

Either way, he made a phenomenal music video / tribute set to "Stand By Me" by Florence and The Machine.  Check it out after the break!

Story Updates 16 January 2018

Good Morning Zootopians! Hope you're having a wonderful day so far.

Do you want a bit of supernatural storytelling? Or maybe something that takes you back to a simpler time that none of us ever actually lived in? Vigilantes more your thing? We've got you covered. Same goes with serious cop drama. There's something for everyone in today's story updates, so I hope you have time in your schedule for some seriously enjoyable reading!

Updated Stories:
Shards by DrekkDeina
Mind Games (Part of the "What If" collaboration Project) by Ande883, Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
...And All That Jazz by WANMWAD
Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais by Crewefox/Garouge Faux
The Faded Line by TheStarsShadow15
Different Tails by Kittah4
While We're Young by Dizzie HamHam Writer
Roses are Red and Violence is Cool by IronicSnap
Integrity, Trust and Bravery: Villainous Intent by Keftense

New chapters after the break!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Art of the Day #159

Case-A-Nostra by JackOrJohn
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Hi everyone! Chris here!

If we go back all the way to the past, the animation was quite diferent than we imagine. There was no 3D effects, no voice acting, and the most obvious of all: No colors. Can you guys imagine what if Zootopia was made during the 1930's? Well, some artists can, like this guy above.

But this is not the only pic we can show, there a lot more from other fans. Enjoy!

Don't forget to give your love and support to the artists by following the links!

Comic- Black Jack, Part 6: Suspect (by Rem289 and AoiMotion)

Welcome back to Black Jack, to the chapter I'll call "Judy is Mad".  Because according to this fandom, there's one way to get Judy hopping mad (that joke was awful so I won't bother saying sorry, I know you won't forgive me).  And that way is to discredit Nick in front of her.  After all, they've been partners for most of her tenure as a police officer, and they've saved each other's lives on multiple occasions, and they trust each other implicitly.  To have him be discounted for apparently no good reason (even though we saw in the last chapter that Jack actually does have one), is one of the quickest ways to get Judy upset.

Meanwhile, something else is going on in Jack's life.  What does this have to do with the mission he's recruiting the best agents on the ZPD for?  That's something that will have to come later.  But for now, Kudos to Rem289 and AoiMotion for even more spectacular writing and artwork!

Check out the rest of the comic over on Tumblr or Deviantart, and read Chapter 6: Suspect, after the break!

Story: Interspecies Relationship Support Network: Tri-Burrows Chapter

Art by WastedTimeEE
[Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Crime][Incomplete]

Surely you didn't think Nick and Judy could be the only interspecies couple in Zootopia, did you? Enter the newly formed Tri-Burrows chapter of the Interspecies Relationship Support Network, made up of a cast of characters both new and familiar, including Gideon, Sharla, Travis and others from Judy's hometown. But not everyone may be thrilled with its existence, and what begins as an unassuming foray into the chapter's attempts to get off the ground soon becomes a gripping who-dunnit. ~YFWE

Author: Gabriel LaVedier
Description : The Tri-Burrows may not be a sweeping metropolitan bastion of culture, but folks out there still need things, like an organization for folks that love outside their taxonomic category. To that end they've brought the Zootopian network to the Tri-Burrows. Of course... some mammals might not be very happy about that...
Interspecies Relationship Support Network: Tri-Burrows Chapter
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