Monday, June 25, 2018

Story: The Dead Waltz

Art by gerardson
[Rating K9][Mystery][Drama][Sequel]

One of the premier pieces of Zootopia fanfiction in 2016, "The Redemption of Gideon Grey," finally has its long-awaited sequel! Starting off strong with a perplexing crime scene, "The Dead Waltz" continues the journey of one Gideon Grey, baker extraordinaire, as he makes up for his past mistakes by helping solve an unexpected killing. The fic's main strength lies in YFWE's deep understanding of the characters, both canonical and original, easily capturing their many quirks and qualities; by doing so, he immerses readers even more into the plot, giving the whole thing an intimate feel because of our keen interest in these characters. Full of wonderful dialogue and patient with the pace at which it develops the mystery, this work is already looking like a home run out of the park. ~DrummerMax64

Author: YFWE
Description : Sequel to "The Redemption of Gideon Grey." A murder shakes up Bunnyburrow days before a hotly contested mayoral election, and there's a chance they're related. An unlikely team -- with help from afar thanks to a certain fox and rabbit duo -- sets out to solve it.
The Dead Waltz
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Return To Zootopia - Finale Trailer (Fan-Film)

The finale of Return to Zootopia is almost upon us! And with that comes the new finale trailer!

Browntable's Return to Zootopia series is almost over! With that in mind, he's released a new trailer for the series teasing the finale and whats to come for the finale! Keep in mind, after the series is over, the full fan-film will be released so keep an eye out! I give the fan film trailer and fan film series a good 4.6 out of 5 pawpsicles.

Check out the trailer  video of Return To Zootopia - Finale Trailer (Fan-Film) after the break!

Ast of the Day #222: Zootopia / Robotica

Zootopia 2106 by TysonTan
Source [1]
For almost as long as we have been enthralled by the concept of Anthropomorphic animals, robots have held an equal fascination for us. The mechanical Maria in Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Robby the Robot, the Cybermen, (Technically the Daleks weren't really robots,) Astro-Boy, "Danger, Will Robinson," R2D2 and C3PO, V.I.N.cent and Maximilain, Voltron, The Terminator, Robocop, The Transformers, Ghost in the Shell, Pacific Rim Deus Ex Machina, and let's not forget Disney's own Wall-E and Baymax. If I listed them all, there wouldn't be room for any artwork.

With that in mind, we present a collection of Zootopia fanart featuring Nick and Judy in Robotic form and/or interacting with various Robots.

Enjoy, and don't forget to show the artists some appreciation by clicking on the source. (And please be sure to inform them that you're not a bot.)

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Story: The Brothers Wilde

Art by A-KA
[Rating M16][Action][Adventure][AU][Complete]

When you're a con-mammal, how can you be so sure what in life is real and what's just part of the heist? "The Brothers Wilde," based on the 2008 film "The Brothers Bloom" starring Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz and more, tackles this very concept in one of the top AUs you're going to read in this entire fandom, hands down. Here, Nick and Finnick are imagined as brothers who become some of the most successful con artists the world over. But when Judy, here the target of one of their cons, enters Nick's life, a new life -- one he previously thought impossible -- begins forming in his imagination. "The Brothers Wilde" is packed with a bevy of twists and turns, so much so that you're kept on your toes until the very last word is read. A wild(e), deeply satisfying ride. ~YFWE

Author: JudysCarrotPen (toriels_sock_drawer)
Description : An AU based on the movie "The Brothers Bloom" (2008). Finnick and Nick Wilde are a pair of notorious con artists who have traveled the globe. Nick is tired of the life, and he wants out. Finnick convinces him to do one last con together, and he promises to set him free to live an "unwritten life." Their last and final mark: a quiet and secluded heiress named Judy Hopps.
The Brothers Wilde

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Experience Every Frame of Zootopia!

Zoot Pier Groundwave
by: @miroukitsu
Can you believe someone made a bot just to post every individual frame of Zootopia? It's crazy! I love the idea, and it's sort of useful if you want to get screencaps of the movie if you don't have a copy of the movie yourselves.

Twitter user Zoops247 created a bot that screen caps every individual frame of Zootopia and posts them four of them per hour. From the date this article is posted, it has already posted over 67,000 frames and is in 47 minutes into the movie, 43 percent done! The bot doesn't expect to be finished until Christmas Eve of 2020!

You can learn more about the bot and its intentions right after the break!

Art of the Day: #221

Benders by laskenator 7000
Source [1]
Nick and Judy bend it. This is without a doubt one of the better crossover pics that I've seen. The expression on Nick and Judy's face really make this one.

I don't know why, but last week saw a huge amount of new Zootopia fanart posted to the net; below is just a sample of the new stuff, with more still to come very soon.

Meanwhile, don't forget to give the original artists some love by posting on the source links.

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Story Updates: 21 June 2018

Summer's finally here! Wowza! Do you all mind if I do a victory toot-toot to celebrate the occasion? No? Well, don't mind if I do! TOOT TOOT!

And to mark the first official day of summer 2018, ZNN would love to share with you all the fantastic stories that got updated in the past week. There's a whole bunch of great reading for you down below, some we haven't seen in a while and others that are making their debut on our story update posts. Hope you enjoy!

Updated Stories:
Fuzz by SkulShurtugalTCG
A New Dawn by Connor-Olen
Love's Tales by MinscLovesBoo
The Keyhole by Elite Shade
Zootopia - In the Days That Followed by ayziks
The Unlikely Heir by WANMWAD
The Hunt by RedPen (GardenVatiety)
Greetings from Manta Bay! by Bluelighthouse
Evacuated by J Shute Norway
Closed Doors by HawkTooth
A Lead Role in a Cage by J Shute Norway
A Rival Romance by Fox in the hen house
Honor for All by Nehkles, WhatABummer, sarcasmIsOurStrength
Integrity, Trust, and Bravery: Villainous Intent by Keftense

New chapters after the break!