Friday, January 19, 2018

Artwork of the Day #161: You can Never have Too Much Nick

Nick Wilde - Typography Poster by SiMonk0
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Hi everyone! Christopher GuarĂ¡ here!

Well, even if I don't like to compare myself to a fox (I'm a Maned Wolf by the way- BIG difference!) but I do feel sorry for Nick Wilde. Poor guy, he sure faced a tough life to deal with. Not only Nick was bullied as a child when attempted to become a Ranger Scout, but he was meant to be the main character of the movie.

So, for this Special Artwork of the Day, let's give some love to the most popular disney fox since Robin Hood! Enjoy!

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ZNN Merch Review - Revoltech Judy Hopps!

Hey, hey there fellow Zootopians! It's Surrika, with another merchandise review! I have been waiting for this piece of merchandise since the moment it was teased and I even dropped a hint in my last review that this would be my next piece to take a long look at. Nice work if you picked up on that hint by the way! I am of course talking about the Revoltech Judy Hopps posable figure.

So let's stop delaying and get into the review! See you after the break!

Story: Doctor Zoo

Art by Byron Howard
[Rating T13][Adventure][Sci-Fi][Crossover][Incomplete]

It's the Doctor Who/Zootopia crossover you know you've been waiting for! "Doctor Zoo" (because of course it'd be called that, right?) tackles the good doctor and his assistant's travels through time and space as they find themselves amid an adventure that ropes in our favorite bunny-and-fox duo from the ZPD. This one's a barrel of fun, and -- bonus -- you don't even need to know too much about Doctor Who to enjoy. ~YFWE

Author: Thou Craggy Knob
Description : When Nick and Judy come across a strange mammal, they struggle to believe his wild story. Can he really be who he says he is? Join the crew of the TARDIS on the ultimate adventure through time and space, as two of ZPD's finest come to terms with their feelings for each other.
Doctor Zoo

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Zootopia Defense, the Ace Attorney Fan-Game, gets a SEQUEL!

"Heheheh... oh, I'll try you.  IN A COURT OF LAW!" ~ from the song Vampyres (with a Y)

That's right ladies and gentlemammals, the first full fan-game set in Zootopia, Zootopia Defense, has now got a sequel!  We covered the original when it first released, and again when it completed, but I was not expecting the team behind it to make a sequel!

Starring Phoenix Wright's successor, Apollo Justice, and his assistant Athena, the gang returns to Zootopia for even more mystery and legal malpractice!  As of right now, there are two complete cases, and a third in production.  Great work, tom117z and DoctorJohnPotters!  We'll be looking forward to episode 3 whenever it drops!

Go play it for yourself over on Ace Attorney Online!  Like before, I recommend zooming your browser in while you play, as AAO is pretty weird when it comes to video dimensions.

Try Everything On The Voice Kids Indonesia!

The Voice is a hugely popular show no matter where you put it.  It makes sense why- the concept of judges in a singing competition choosing who they want on their team based purely on their voice, with no bias based on physical appearance, is a powerful one.  As a result you have versions of The Voice in practically every country in the world.  There are even kid versions.

Today's video comes to us from The Voice Indonesia- Kids version.  The competitor, Indira, chose to sing Try Everything (naturally, for this site), which was a very gutsy choice.  Not only would she have to get up and sing on national television, but she was singing in her non-native language, English.  Even if the judges didn't choose her, we at ZNN commend your courage, Indira!  Keep on singing, and one day you'll make it big.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Art of the Day #160

Bureau of Prohibiton ft. Zootopia by yelnatsdraws
Source [1]
Not gonna lie, a version of Zootopia set in the roaring twenties would be slick.  I can picture the two of them being undercover agents searching for speakeasies and other criminal activity.  Nick would fit right in at that sort of party!

Also, have you noticed we've nearly got this series of articles living up to its name?  They practically are daily now!  And we've got even more art for you today, so let's not waste any more time.

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Story: Honor for All

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver
[Rating M16][Fantasy][Mystery][Action][Adventure][Crossover]

Even if you haven't played the action-adventure game "Dishonored," this is still a crossover that's worth checking out if only for its exhilarating combat and searing tension. And that doesn't even begin to cover the fact that Nick and Judy are absolute badasses, employing both stealth and guile to accomplish their mission. Remarkably faithful to the game that inspired it and spearheaded by a trio of excellent authors in the fandom, "Honor for All" is a slick, robust and thoroughly enjoyable thrill ride where assassinry and intrigue roam the streets of Dunwall. So sharpen your blades and stick to the shadows – there's malevolent forces at work here. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Nehkles, WhatABummer, sarcasmIsOurStrength
Description : In the dying, plague-infested city of Dunwall, fear, treachery, and bloodlust lurk around every corner. Nick Wilde is the Shadow Fox - infamous thief and burgler. Judy Hopps, the Royal Protector of the Empress. A rabbit and a fox brought together by the point of blade, snared in a web of conspiracy, and struggling to survive without compromising their souls.
Honor for All
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