Thursday, February 23, 2017

Comic: Night Wolf (Original by Ina Arazu)

You'd think we would be done with halloween related stuff, but nope!  Still got stuff to show!

This one requires a bit of extra context to really get all the jokes, but thankfully our translators are able to provide some of that as well!  Just be sure to look for the "TL Notes" on the pages.

Thanks to Ina Arazu for making the original comic (and be sure to check out their other comics Door of Light and Parents), and to LMAbacus for translating and editing it!  Check out the original over on Twitter, and the translated version after the break!  As usual for translated comics, read from right to left!

The LewToons Awards Show!

LewToons, a cartoon review and discussion channel with over half a million subscribers, has been undergoing a challenge throughout all of 2016.  Essentially, he went to see every animated movie that released last year and, rather than rating them on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10, he rated them comparative to each other.  For a long time Zootopia was at the top of the list, then it was displaced by The Little Prince, and finally he just said he wasn't sure which was his number 1 favorite, since Moana, The Little Prince, and Zootopia are all just such outstanding movies.

Well, it's time for the first annual LewToons Awards show, and Zootopia did a stellar job here, just like with so many other awards shows this season!

Viewer Picks:
Best Comedic Side Character - Flash
Best Villains - Bellwether
Chad's Picks:
Best Score - Michael Giacchino
Best Male Performance - Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde)
Best Animated Film of the Year

I think we can all agree on those sorts of results.

Check out the full awards show after the break!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Comic: The Wilde-Hopps Chronicles, Part 2

New cover by PvtScott and TheWyvernsWeaver
It's been some time since we featured PvtScott's magnificent crime thriller of a comic, but I think it's about time we covered more of The Wilde-Hopps Chronicles today!

When we last left off, Nick and Judy were attacked and threatened at gunpoint, faced their fear of death together, and were alerted to the existence of a group that seeks nothing more than to use Night Howlers to plunge Zootopia into chaos once again.  Now, as they enjoy a night out to a concert, this shadowy group makes their first major move.  Agent Jack Savage and Megan Fawkes make an appearance, and we get our first glimpse of the mastermind behind it all.

What will happen next?  Only one way to find out.

Catch up on the full comic over on PvtScott's Deviantart, and get the newest pages after the break!

Flash remade in Flash! (Fan Animation by Skyfaller3D)

I am a huge advocate of fan animations.  After all, a short, 2-minute animation can take months and months to make.  The amount of care and dedication it takes to make is something that is always worth commending.

Besides, given the easy accessibility of Adobe Flash (or Animate, as it is now called), it was only a matter of time before somebody took it upon themselves to recreate a scene or two.  How fitting that they chose the sloth scene.  Flash in Flash.  It's great!

Kudos to Skyfaller3D for taking the time and effort required to make this!  I look forward to seeing even better work from you in the future!

Check it out after the break!

Story: Black and White, Red and Blue

[Mystery][Romance][Police Procedural][Complete][Rating T13]

I have to say, I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed this fic. If you're a fan of police procedurals done right, then this is the story for you! Superbly detailed and extremely clever, join Nick and Judy as they tackle a case surrounding the hottest new TV show in town. Can you sift through the clues and red herrings in this entertaining whodunnit to figure out the culprit(s) before the final chapter? ~DrummerMax

Description : Judy is less than amused with a new TV show. Especially when it becomes the focus of her first official case with Nick as her partner.
Black and White, Red and Blue
Also on

Additional Tags: Paw and Order: Special Victims Zoo-nit

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Comic: Barrier (Original by lustaking)

Let's continue today with something sweet and heartwarming.  After all, we can always use more of that in our lives, no matter how things are going.

Thanks to lustaking for making the original comic, and to LMAbacus for translating and editing it!  Check out the original over on Pixiv, and the translated version after the break!  As usual for translated comics, read from right to left!

Waka Everything (by Mashin' Jams)

Tsamina mina zangalewa... this time zootopia!

Mashin' Jams is back with another excellent mashup!  And this time, it's all Shakira!

I have to say, putting two of Shakira's biggest hits side-by-side like this really shows just how perfect of a choice she was to play Gazelle.  She's not just an american pop star, she's a GLOBAL pop star, and her music reflects that cultural diversity.  So if any celebrity were to have a genuine message about unity and celebrating our differences (like Gazelle does in the movie), it makes sense that Shakira would be that celebrity.

But enough of my rambling.  Check out the fusion of music after the break!