Monday, May 22, 2017

[Audio Play] Boys Like You - Episode 2

9 Months Ago, Creative Multitasker and her team released the first episode of their audiobook adaptation of "Boys Like You".

Since then, this project has evolved beyond just a simple audiobook.  Now it's a full audio and visual drama, with images for almost every scene, phenomenal voice acting for each character, and a production quality that rivals (or even surpasses) the best this fandom has to offer.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: BRAVO!

Get all the High School AU you could want after the break!  And if you haven't already, I highly recommend you subscribe to their youtube channel so you can get updates on this project when they happen!

Story: Zootopia: Firewatch

Art: xNIR0x
[Rating T13][Humor] [Romance]

It seems like a simple premise: the game “Firewatch,” but with Zootopia’s characters. What Bluelighthouse does with “Zootopia: Firewatch,” however, far exceeds that simple premise. The author creates a brand new and fascinating world that is explored in a beautiful and stirring fashion. Along with the rapid-fire and witty banter that will make you laugh as much as the characters do, the story’s emotional core both tugs on heartstrings and invites you to share in the triumphs and struggles of each character. There’s something very sweet and special about watching a romance blossom through a pair of walkie-talkies, and that relationship — and the forest all around it — come together marvelously in this tale. ~Euphonemes

Author: Bluelighthouse
Description : After dealing with some hard times in the city Nick takes a summer job as a fire watcher in a national park outside of Zootopia. Trying to get away from it all and find solitude Nick instead finds another fire watcher named Judy. Who is she? Will he risk letting someone he cant even see in? Keep your eyes open Nick, there is smoke on the horizon!
Zootopia: Firewatch

Additional Tags: "What mammal are you today?"

Saturday, May 20, 2017

AMAZING ANIMATION by AlStiff! Nick and Judy meet Rocket Raccoon... in Lego form!

"Andy, you're mixing up your anthropomorphic animals in franchises owned by Disney!"

No I'm not, skeptical reader!  Before we finish up this week, we have a special video for you from AlStiff, the fantastic animator who brought us Nick and Judy in Sherlock Holmes form!  Legos, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Zootopia all combine in this one video, and the mashup is amazing!

What are you waiting for!  Check it out after the break!

Try Everything cover by Japanese Boy Band Umi-Kun!

"ZNN can always use more cute Japanese boys with great voices"~ Unnamed member of the ZNN Staff
English isn't the only version of Try Everything that's gotten covers around the web!  The Japanese version is also very popular, and everyone who's done a cover of it seems to have a blast performing it.  I especially enjoy the little differences they take in it.

Also, the ending of this video takes a bit of an... unexpected turn.  Great job, Umi-Kun!  I did not see that coming!

Check it out for yourself after the break!

Art of the Day #106: Take a look. It's in a book. IN LOOKING AT ART

[Title Unknown] by @do291010na
Source [1]
From the big bear to the small Finnick. These Images are sure to brighten your day!

Get your art after the break!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Comic: Water Under the Burrows, Chapter 4 Part 1 (by Mistermead and Writeanon)

Another Episode of the awesome comic Water Under the Burrows. As always it portrays a lot of emotion and really sucks you up in it. I can't wait to see more.

If you haven't seen the earlier parts of MisterMead's newest saga, be sure to check them out!

Check out Chapter 4: Turn it Around (Part 1) for yourself either over on tumblr, or after the break!

ZMV: Shine - Zootopia

Hold on to your fortifications, because we're about to drop the bass!

(dodges tomatoes flying out of my computer screen)

Okay, yeah, that was a bad pun, but we've got a very cool ZMV for you today!  Set to the song "Shine", by Jesse Warren (aka Spektrem), Alsawfreetter01 brings us a video that just makes me want to dance.  Great work!

Get the beat pumpin' after the break!

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