Monday, March 27, 2017

Story: Wilde's Card

Art: TheWyvernsWeaver
[Rating T13][Mystery][Drama][AU]

An alternate universe that immediately pulls you in and refuses to let go. Fascinating and guileful, this is another take on Nick and Judy solving the Missing Mammals case, but with one key change: Nick is already a detective in the department. Not only that, but this version of him is much more devious and manipulative, which results in a very different kind of dynamic between these two. With both an intriguing premise and a superb set-up, this is a story with great promise that indicates some interesting developments further down the line. - DrummerMax64

Author: Flipside Remix
Description : "Red paws a'knocking, honeyed words a'talking. Bunny's in the sack, a knife in her back. Shut the doors and check the locks. Here comes the big bad fox." - An old rabbit nursery rhyme.
Wilde's Card
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Comic: WildeHopps Civil War AU [PART 6] (By ProgressOfTomorrow)

Dominic Faux here,

Today, our good friend Andy Lagopus is on vacation, so the posts have been taken care by me, with some help from a few of our great ZNN team.

With another month come and gone, I think it's time for another episode of the Civil War AU comic by ProgressOfTomorrow. It's been just a little while since the last episode, so if you need to catch back up here's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

After all that's happened, what will become of this duo? Or will they even be a duo anymore? The war was a hard time for many, and it still seems to linger in the hearts of those who suffered in it.

Find out what comes next over on Tumblr or after the break!

Dominic Faux, signing off!

ZMV: Paradise

What better images to use for a song like Coldplay - Paradise than images of our own little bit of Paradise: Zootopia.

Watch this awesome ZMV by KitsuKitx on YouTube or after the break!

Art of the Day #94 - The Clothes Make the Mammal!

2016.5.8 by yljl5809
Source [1]
The old cliche goes "It's the clothes that make the man", or perhaps in this case "mammal". As great as the outfits in the movie may be, redressing the characters encourages us to look at them in a new light. Check out some cool alternative outfits after the break

Friday, March 24, 2017

Comic: Fairly Odd Zootopia, Part 3 (by FairyTalesArtist)

(Art and comic by FairytaleArtist)

Talented illustrator and ZNN member FairytalesArtist has released another part of his unique crossover comic, Fairly Odd Zootopia! Timmy's antics continue as he tries to bring Judy Hopps back to Dimmsdale to win a contest while Cosmo and Wanda make a splash in Little Rodentia. Read the comic after the break or over on Deviantart, and check out the previous parts here: Part 1, Part 2.

Believe it or not, there is a Spanish Stop-motion Zootopia Series! (by RobertMan)

Here's a little treat for all of our fans in Latin America!  A Spanish Stop-motion Series!  Try saying that five times fast!

This is a style of video I haven't seen before.  It feels a bit like the beginning of Toy Story, where the toys are the characters in a big adventure.  Not only did they take the time to do stop-motion animation (for well over 20 minutes each), they voice acted the entire thing!  That takes a lot of time and dedication.

And yes, Captain America is in it.

Right now, there are two episodes released: El Caso Del Tema De Gacela (The case of Gazelle's Theme) and ¿Que Dice Nick? (What does the Nick Say?).  Both are definitely deserving of some love.  Kudos to you, RobertMan!  This is seriously impressive, and I look forward to seeing more!

Check them out after the break!

Story: Stranger at Home

Art: Jake Kim
[Rating K9][Family][Romance][Slice of Life][Complete]

A brilliant interpretation of Nick and Judy heading back to her hometown so that she can introduce her boyfriend to her loving, albeit overprotective, parents. While there, they have to deal with her rambunctious siblings, an apprehensive Stu, and a small incident that gets blown way out of proportion. Pleasant and sincere, this is a nice story that functions as an absorbing family drama, and is the latest entry in TheRealFanboy's enjoyable Parts of a Family series. -DrummerMax64

Author: TheRealFanboy
Description : Finally, Judy wants to introduce Nick to her family and show him her home town. It is their first vacation together, so they decide to spend it on the Hopps Family Farm. Yet the surprise is bigger than she had hoped for.
Stranger at Home
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