Art of the Day #660

Nick and Diane by @markyyblitz Source [1] Hi again, everybody…and welcome to ZNN’s latest Art of the Day collection. We’re glad you’re here. Our Featured Image for today revolves around two bad foxes that eventually made good; a thief who […]

Torment and Tenderness

Story: Torment & Tenderness

Art by Author [Rating M16][Angst][Hurt/Comfort] If there’s one good thing to come from ‘The comic that shall NOT be named’, it’s how many authors have chosen to reverse-uno card the premise and take on their own vision of the premise… […]

Substitute Cheerleader

Story: Substitute Cheerleader

Art by Giftheck [Rating K9][Humour][Friendship] ‘Take the Cheerleader elective in gym they said.’ ‘It’ll be fun they said.’ ‘It’ll never come back to bite you in the bunny-butt when you’re a successful Police Officer’ -They DIDN’T say, so Judy’s got […]


News: Zootopia Cafe Opens in Japan

Source Bon appétit les amis. A fine meal sits before you on a table. Delectable delights that surely will tantalize your taste buds. The smell of it is aromatic, causing your stomach to rumble and remind you that it’s time […]

Whitetail cover

Story: Whitetail

Art by Author [Rating M16][Drama][Romance][Slow Burn] A few weeks ago we gave a review to Octavian Clef’s fluffy cottagecore main story, Sewing Roots, and today we look into its small spin off, Whitetail. Following Tink, silverfox purveyor of good deals, […]


Art of the Day #656

Onboard a Tram With Nick and Judy by Amadose Source [1] Hello again, Friends of Zootopia.  It’s time for another fantastic Art of the Day collection from ZNN Our Featured Image for this week is kind of a double dip. […]

badge_and_o_possum_cover Ace Attorney

Story: Badge & O’Possum: Ace Attorneys

Art by Quirky-Middle-Child [Rating T13][Mystery][Humor] Hold it! This fic is GUILTY -of being one pawsome and crazy crossover. Zootopia and Ace Attorney, two IPs as far apart as you can get, right? Well OBJECTION, Berserker and JackofMinds do an amazing […]

Sewing Roots cover

Story: Sewing Roots

Drawn by Author [Rating T13][Slice of Life][Romance] Zootopia! The big city! Full of high paced action, the favourite OCs, all the big and the bold and… -You know what? Sometimes, you just want something different. Something slower and gentler. Something […]


Art of the Day #654

Star by Rin_Tyan Source [1] Hey there Zootopia aficionados, it’s time for yet another fabulous collection of fabulous Zootopia fanart from ZNN Our Featured Image for this week is just a lovely winter pic of Judy in a Japanese Garden. […]


Art of The Day #653

The Statue of Gazelle From Zootopia Updated 2024 by JManTheAngel2 Source [1] Hi again folks. And welcome to the latest Art of the Day Collection from ZNN. Our Featured Image for this week requires a wee bit of an explanation. […]