News: Zootopia Cafe Opens in Japan


Bon appétit les amis. A fine meal sits before you on a table. Delectable delights that surely will tantalize your taste buds. The smell of it is aromatic, causing your stomach to rumble and remind you that it’s time to eat. You lick your chomps. A celebratory cheer is given and everyone at the table taps their glasses together. It is finally time to eat as the whole restaurant goes into an uproar.

This very event just happened in Japan where a Zootopia-themed restaurant opened with a wide variety of Zootopia-inspired dishes, no doubt commemorating the announcement of Zootopia 2. Even if you can’t visit the place in person, there’s still quite a lot of Zootopia-themed goodies to check out in the menu at the link here. Be sure to let us know if any of these dishes look particularly appetizing while you’re at it.