News: Nick, Duke and The Pawpsicle Added to Disney’s Lorcana


Hey all! Any of you ever played Lorcana? It’s basically Disney’s answer to the card trading game. We reported on it a while back and how it had added Judy and Bogo to the roster. Well, if you haven’t given it a look before, you might want to now since it looks like they’ve expanded the roster of Zootopia characters even further.

Now they’ve added cards for Zootopia’s #1 hustler turned cop, Nick Wilde, the Duke of Bootleg himself, Weaselton, and of course, the Pawpsicle. Because really, who wouldn’t want to treat themselves like that?

So if you haven’t given the game a try before, now’s as good of a time as any. Especially now that there’s an option to start putting together a Zootopia deck build. I can only imagine the kind of hustles you’d be able to pull off with that. Check out the full game at the link here if you want to learn more or see what other cards are available.