Video: These ZOOTOPIA Fan Theories Might Blow Your Mind (By WickedBinge)


Ah, fan theories. The inevitable result of fans trying to fill out the details in a world that the creators either weren’t able to or just chose not to. There are quite a lot of imaginative things fans can come up with when filling out said details. Naturally, Zootopia is no different regard. And why would it be? There’s quite a lot to speculate on about this world such as how did the mammals come to be in the first place? Why is the government structured the way it is? How did the relationship between predator and prey develop?

There are quite a few theories out there that WickedBinge takes a look at, looking to explain how each of these theories could or could not work or don’t work. There’s certainly a lot to break down, so check out the video below or over on YouTube and let us know what you think.