Video: Top 20 Disney Movies That Dealt with Serious Issues (By MsMojo)

For as long as there have been societies, there has been commentary on the various issues that plague them. Unsurprisingly, such commentary often finds its way into various types of entertainment, be it theater, books, or even film. Every single one of us has probably had to either deal with them or witnessed debates about them at some point or another. Whether you’re talking about racism, poverty, or trafficking…these are all problems that exist that can be difficult to discuss.

Disney may have built itself on creating movies appropriate for all ages, but that doesn’t mean they shy away from such issues. That is precisely the topic that’s covered in this MsMojo editorial tackling the societal commentary seen in Disney Films. Given the nature of the message Zootopia has, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it managed to make the list. I’m sure we all had much to learn from that film. So check out the video below or over on YouTube and see where exactly it managed to land on the list.