Alps’ Memorial Wrap-up, VOD, and message from Ithunna Sarsis

Bouncing Back by Alps Sarsis

On August 19th, almost exactly one month after the passing of Alps Sarsis, ZNN was proud to hold a memorial fundraiser for the author of one of the best series of fanfics we’ve seen in all our years of curating such content, gone far too soon. We say proud because the community came together in an incredible show of love and support for Alps and his family. There was so much kindness, love, and generosity shown there.

All in all, you donated a grand total of $2,522.

We have no words to express our amazement. Fortunately, Ithunna Sarsis, Alps’ widow, does:

Dear ZNN, Zootopia Community, Friends, and Fans of Alps Saris,

Today, one month after Alps joined the stars above, I struggle to find the word to properly convey the gratitude that overwhelms Pup and I at this time. We were blown away by the amazing turnout and outpouring of support for Alps during the ZNN Memorial on July 19th. So many of the tributes shared by close friend and fans alike will forever stay with us and comfort us as time passes. When the first birthdays and holidays without him arrive, we will hold tight to the memories of yesterday.

While Alps was known as a prolific writer, I had only ever read a chose your own adventure type story that he penned over 2 decades ago. Hearing Thanks for the Fox read aloud touched me on so many levels. Not only can I see why it resonated with so many, but Alps added Easter Eggs for me to find if I ever read it. New levels of sadness and joy were unlocked and I too will have to join his readers.

During the reading we got to chat about Alps’ “interesting” culinary choices and shared fonder as well as comical memories. Someone mentioned possibly making a cookbook of the dishes he added to his stories. Who knows – maybe it could happen, along with some of the “questionable” cuisine! Others asked about reading Guardian Blue aloud and the legacy of his work. While I would be up for helping with a reading, it will be some time before decisions are made about the future of his work.

Alps was a typically humble folf that rarely realized the impact he had on people. He was at a loss for words when he told me of a fan whose mother found solace in Guardian Blue while in hospice. Since his passing, and especially yesterday, from above he has been able to fully see and can now appreciate just a glimmer of the true impact he had on this world.

The unfathomable amount raised during the Service is yet another testament to Alps and the love, respect, and caring you have for him. His biggest concern was to ensure Pup and I have a roof over our head. Your generosity has helped ensure that fear is allayed during this difficult time.

Again, a huge thanks to ZNN, Julius, Cerealheed, and so many others for making the Memorial for Alps Sarsis possible. The event was perfect and honoured Alps.

Thank you all! And just like Alps’ culinary choices conveyed, ‘Try everything!’

Ithunna and Padrig Sarsis

If you missed the event and would like to check it out, either for the memorial or the full reading that Andy Lagopus, Cerealheed, and Dobanochi did of Thanks For The Fox, we have a VOD posted to the ZNN Youtube Channel. Individual sections are in the description, as well as the recipe for Ithunna’s Lemon Carrots (which appear in the story).

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who showed up, who donated, and who shared love and support for Alps and his family. I’m sure he’s looking down from above and just beaming.

Thank you all. And remember, as always,

Try Everything.

-Andy Lagopus