Art of the Day #628

Nick and Judy’s old-timey train ride by animagusurreal
Source [1]

“Attention, Zootopia aficionados; ZNN Art of the Day Express, now leaving on Track 5 for Anaheim, Azoosa, and ZOO-ca-mon-ga.

All aboarrrrrrd!”

Today’s Featured Image has some poignancy for me. I actually traveled on a train of that vintage some years ago.  It was on a trip down to Mazatlan, Mexico, back when I was in high school.  Even better, it turned out that we were riding on a refurbished circus train; one of the cars was named Gargantua, after the famous gorilla.

As for the coach carrying Nick and Judy; take a look at the name of the rail company on the side; a very nice touch.

And we have plenty of other great Zootopia fanart waiting for you below. But don’t just take our word for it; scroll down and see for yourself. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Miami Vice: Zootopia by Manual Artist search required!
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Miami Vice: Zootopia (Alt Version) by Manual Artist search required!
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Stay With Us! by PhoenixFirre
Source [4]

Star Power by snoobs01
Source [5]

Joody Toody by StanMort
Source [6]

Sly Nick by @Aoki7762
Source [7]

Judy and Nick by @n_p_nik
Source [8]

Huggies by @Aoki7762
Source [9]

Feral #WildeHopps based on a frame from Disney’s Bambi by @fever_artistry
Source [10]

Judy by natrimeow
Source [11]

Nick’s Vacation by sandblastcoyote
Source [12]

Clawhauser by Marijke_Rose
Source [13]

“Something isn’t right…” by RCBlackDie
Source [14]

Foxferatu by @Flairmin
Source [15]

Good boys! by @mikmix3
Source [16]

CSI:Zootopia Colored by TheDrXII
Source [17]

Judy Hopps just a little by @derideal
Source [18]

Nick by SilverusKvassus
Source [19]

gotcha! by solaspiritus
Source [20]

Western theme zootopia by RandomChibiGirl
Source [21]

Undercover Bunny by SweetenedLemonade
Source [22]

More western red bandit nick wilde by RandomChibiGirl
Source [23]

Zootopia~ by Okay1Trin
Source [24]