Jared Bush to Answer Zootopia Questions at Encanto Q&A


Hey all, guess who’s birthday is coming up soon! Zootopia’s? No! How about Nick’s? Don’t be ridiculous! Maybe Judy’s? Nope! Give up? Okay, it’s Antonio from Encanto! Why am I talking about Encanto of all things on a site dedicated to Zootopia? Well, bear with me for a minute and I’ll tell you.

Since Antonio’s birthday is coming up, Zootopia’s own co-writer and co-director Jared Bush announced that he would be doing an Encanto Q&A. But get this, he also said additionally, he’d be answering some questions on Moana and, of course, Zootopia! (See, I told you there was a point to all of this!)

The Q&A will be next Sunday on May 21st, so if you’re as eager as I am for some more answers on what to expect from Zootopia in the future, then be sure to save the date and prepare some questions. You may just get lucky and finally get the answers you’ve always wanted to some of Zootopia’s greatest mysteries! Check out the link below for more details.



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