Video: 19 Mistakes You Missed in Zootopia (By TheThings Animated)


Let’s be real here, everyone makes mistakes, it’s an unavoidable part of life. That goes for everyone, even those behind the making of some of our favorite movies, after all, blooper reels wouldn’t be a thing if that wasn’t the case.

Naturally, Zootopia is no exception to this fact. Maybe it’s little details that escape the animator’s eyes or perhaps they were left in there for people to see if they could find. Some people may never even notice these mistakes, but others have a more keen eye for such things. Well, TheThings Animated has decided to turn their keen eye to Zootopia and show us some of the mistakes and errors that managed to slip by most of us.

From the mysterious rearranging room to the amazing prop hands at the school play, there are definitely some unique finds. How many of them did you wind up catching? Did some of them surprise you?  Check out the video below or over on YouTube and let us know.