Guess What’s Back? Zinktober’s Back, 2022 Edition!

I don’t know you guys, but I’ve always been more of a fan of Autumn than Summer. The cooler temperatures, the beautiful colours as the leaves begin to change, the ridiculous amounts of products and flavours involving pumpkin and/or spice. There’s just so much to love about this time of year.

It also happens to be the time of year when the annual ZNN drawing challenge, Zinktober, makes its stunning return! That’s right, it’s once again time to put our Zootopia spin on the Inktober challenge. And just like the last two times, we will be bringing our own prompts and themes to the table (courtesy of the vigorous brainstorming by ZNN’s very own Sapperjoe) with the additional rule that the art has to be Zootopia related.

Now, I get it, drawing up an entire month’s worth of art for daily posts can be a pretty daunting task for even the best artists out there. Luckily, you don’t have to meet that obligation if you want to participate in the challenge. You can start whenever you want and do as many of the prompts as you want. All you have to do is make sure the art is tagged with #Zinktober or #Zinktober2022. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any art with those tags and once we hit November, we’ll be putting it all together to share with the entire community! And don’t worry, there’s no barrier to entry. A seasoned expert in the craft? An untested newbie looking to test their mettle for the first time? Doesn’t matter! If you want to show it off, then we want to see it!

We at ZNN can never get enough of this awesome tradition and frankly, we can’t get started soon enough! Entries start from the first of October and continue all the way to the end of the month on the 31st. As previously mentioned, you don’t have to start from the beginning or submit something for every day of the month. If it’s tagged and related to Zootopia, then we want to see it! So come on and show us what you’ve got, we can’t wait to give it a look!