Art/Animation: Nick, Judy, and Cotton Animation (By: Qalcove)


Speaking from a position of limited but sufficient experience, creating an animation is a major labor of love. It takes serious dedication and patience to turn one still image into the moving ones we all see every time we hit the play button on our fa-fur-ite movie. Imagine the end credits of Zootopia having a handful of names instead of hundreds!

One of our fandom’s most dedicated and beloved artists, Qalcove has been trying her hand at that exact sort of thing! She’s recently been working on a fun little proof of concept animation.

The end product is a short but sweet clip featuring little cousin-bun Cotton Hopps, Judy, and Nick getting involved some light-hearted shenanigans. What do ya’ll think? Is Cotton just imagining things that aren’t there? How far will she go to prove her theory correct?

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