Story: Bound by Steel

Art by Ziegelzeig

[Rating T13][Adventure][Drama]

D3ath_0ps bridges the anthro world with the anime here, with his take on one of the most famous ones out there, Sword art Online. Trapped in VR, no way out, and matrix rules in action? It’s a recipe that, under this great chef, is used to gut wrenching effect. With masterful characterisation and writing, reading this fic is like taking your heart and slowly running it through a cheese grater, unable to stop. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. ~OH_Shoot

Author: D3ath_0ps

Description :
“”Dreading echoes of the past was something Izuki Endo was accustomed to. Whether it be life, or a video game made no difference. For someone who just survived hell, his life was still on the line. Members of the murder guild, Laughing Coffin, were at large. Will Izuki’s experiences inside Sword Art Online finally put his fears to bed and bring much needed justice to the fallen?””

Bound by Steel

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Additional Tags: “No way out, if you die in Aincrad you die in real life.”