Story: Jumpstart

Art by Juantriforce

[General Audiences][Romance][Humor]

While WildeHopps may be the premier Bunny-Fox duo, Jack and Skye are right behind them, an amazing achievement given that they never even appeared in the movie! And now, to stand alongside the many great WildeHopps tomes, BlueberryandHoney presents an adorable tale of love between our fav vixen and buck. From kithood friends to dancing at the reception, love between these two is written into the heart of the text, not that they’re the best at spotting it themselves. If not romance, this fic is about pure true love, and either way well worth the read.. ~OH_Shoot

Author: BlueberryandHoney

Description :
When the news breaks their old high school friend, Nick Wilde, is now a cop AND in love with a bunny, life long friends, Jack and Skye face their relationship and what they really mean to each other.

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  1. Agreed, it’s a stupid couple. Why do people keep shipping them? They are not compatible.

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