Video: You’re gonna start a howl! A Fornite x Zootopia Parody by Ace Squirrel



What’s the easiest way to get to a wolf? Well, most Zootopia fans know a good howling should do the trick. Heck, check out real wolves on YouTube, even they have a hard time resisting the temptation. And thanks to Ace Squirrel, we get to see how howling can be used to win at Fortnite in this parody video of the scene from Zootopia. The models are just skins for Halloween. However, that doesn’t stop the video from being pretty funny.

Fair warning there is violence and implied death in the video. It is Fortnite after all. Regardless, the video makes for an entertaining parody of a great scene and is definitely worth checking out. Be sure to let us know if you managed to pull this trick off (Probably wishful thinking, but hey, you never know).