Merch: Judy and Nick Numos Plushies


Hey all, it’s the Plush Patrol reporting in for another exciting merchandise find featuring our beloved rabbit and fox. This time we have dug up some new plushies just begging to be collected and/or cuddled with. Moromorowephi has posted a new line of Nick and Judy plushes that are kind of like the Japanese equivalent to the Build-A-Bear Workshop. In other worse, they have several different versions to choose from with interchangeable clothing options.

This is a great find for people looking to switch up their Nick and Judy getups. Of course, they’re also just fine for displaying or cuddling as is. Regardless of which kind of person you are, they are super cute and worth checking out. Currently, it doesn’t seem like there is a plan to sell them outside of Japan, so you’ll have to use a proxy service to get your hands on them. Check them out and let us know what you think of these cute critters!

Check out the plushies themselves in the link below and decide for yourself which clothing options you think fit Nick and Judy best!


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