Comic: 99 Problems (By Bitchimadorable)


Fanart and comics are two things we can never get enough of in the fandom. Be it a story, art, or both, the trappings of the medium are often as creative as they are beautiful, especially when it comes to depicting Nick and Judy. Considering their relationship, how much of the art featuring them do you think portrays them as a couple? Quite a lot, I imagine, and it’s time to feature one more piece of what is undoubtedly a very large WildeHopps collection at this point, and yet, one we still can’t get enough of.

Bitchimadorable, has managed to craft a comic that is equal parts beautiful and adorable featuring our favorite pairing snuggling in bed. The premise is simple, but it’s one I  would love to witness again and again. Give the comic a look and let us know what you think. Perhaps you have some other WildeHopps depictions you’d like to give a shout out to as well.

Check the whole comic out at the link here!

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  1. WildHopps 4eva! This was a fun article and art gallery to browse while drinkin coffee this mornin’. Thank you!

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