Video: The Chemistry in Zootopia – Nighthowler Flower Chemistry (By: Duckonta)


Anybody ever wonder what the deal with Nighthowlers is? For the majority of the people who saw Zootopia, the answer is probably no. They’re bad flowers that make mammals go savage, plotwise, they’re pretty straightforward. But we’re not just any simple Zootopia moviegoers, we’re the Zootopia fandom! And we wouldn’t be a true fandom if we didn’t have people pouring over every little detail from the movie, including the evil savage-inducing flowers.

Luckily, Duckonta is able to help us out with getting to better understand these mysterious flowers thanks to a recent video they posted that takes an in-depth look at what the chemical composition of the Nighthowler toxin might look like.

It’s certainly not for everyone, given that it leans rather heavily onto the more mathematical and technical aspects of chemistry. However, if you’re somebody who really wants to delve into the nitty and gritty details behind Nighthowlers and their potential chemistry and properties, then this will be just the video for you.

Check it out for yourself in the link here.