Video: Top 10 Times Movie Villains Lost Because of Their Mouths (By: WatchMojo)


When you go to the movies, there are certain things that are just to be expected. Like the fact that there will always be soda and popcorn, or that there will be 20 minutes worth of previews and commercials to sit through. Other times it’s the inevitable appearance of any number of tropes that we’ve all become so familiar with. Because even if it’s been done before, sometimes you just gotta go with what’s tested and true.

One of the most well known tropes is, of course, that of the villain who brings about their own downfall because they just couldn’t help but boast about how amazing their plan is and rub it in the hero’s face. Perhaps one day they’ll learn, but probably not. WatchMojo certainly wouldn’t have been able to put together a list of some of the most memorable instances of this trope if that were the case. In fact, there may even be mention of a certain sheep we all know, one brought low by a carrot pen, some blueberries, and naturally, her inability to keep her big mouth shut. Check out the video below and maybe give some thought on where exactly you think our villainous sheep should be on the list.