Art of the Day #514

The Man from Zootopia by SavagePony
Source [1]
Hello again, folks.  We’re continuing to clear out the backlog this week.
And with that out of the way…
Every once a while a Zootopia fan-artist produces a pic that makes you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?”  Such is the case with today’s featured image, a riff on the cover of an album by the late, great Frank Zappa, ‘The Man From Utopia’.  We especially like the touch of substituting a Pawpsicle for the flyswatter, brilliant!
And that’s only one of many great pieces of fanart that we have in store for you today–as you’ll see for yourself when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Uniformed Bunny by Clone26
Source [2]

Courier by @zoonckl
Source [3]

good Nick’s day by @123_monooki
Source [4]

PINK by @123_monooki
Source [5]

Hazel by CheribimKmpona
Source [6]

Morning Coffee by Jamisjon
Source [7]

Nick & Judy by @snooze0529
Source [8]

judy hopps fighting by hakloi
Source [9]

Just a nick pic by zhanbow
Source [10]

Judy but maid by zhanbow
Source [11]

How did we get here? by hexane553
Source [12]

Cool Bun by FunnyRaccoon
Source [13]

Gazelle by Yakovlev
Source [14]

Nice Nick Day by TheGorySaint
Source [15]

Good evening by Rimann
Source [16]

Bellwether trapped in bubble by jblrules316
Source [17]

judy x nick moving in together by hakloi
Source [18]

Tried Everything To Get Free by spiderweber
Source [19]

Family Portrait by Ziegelzeig
Source [20]

Mood for Love by FunnyRaccoon
Source [21]

Nick by marymouse
Source [22]

Pawpsicles Anyone? by zoff
Source [23]

Young Judy and Nick by whispww
Source [24]

Nick Wilde captured by Borotamago
Source [25]

Toony Judy by custardchaotic
Source [26]