Comic: Christmas Needs More Cilantro (by: Qalcove)


Seasons greetings, everyone! Hope you’re all having a fantastic holiday season! I see Merc’s already kicked things off with this year’s first round of Christmas themed Zootopia fan art. I believe there was also mention of a certain contribution by Qalcove in the form of the Christmas themed comic: Christmas Needs More Cilantro.

This jolly comic starts off with everyone really getting into the spirit at the ZPD’s Christmas Bash. There’s only one problem: Judy is nowhere to be found. Guess that means it’s up to Nick to go and get her, I mean Judy can’t miss her first Christmas party with the ZPD, that just won’t do at all.

So far, only the first chapter’s been posted, but it certainly has all the charm and quality art that Qalcove is known for. What’s more, there are another four chapters on the way soon enough for us to enjoy. Be sure to check it out over on DeviantArt right now, it’ll be just what you need to get into the holiday spirit!