Art of the Day #504: RoboHopps – The Future of Paw Enforcement

Robohopps by BoskoComicArtist
Source [1]
And welcome once again, folks.
For today’s Art of the Day collection we’re focusing on one of the most popular crossovers in the fandom — Zootopia X Robocop, featuring Judy Hopps in the titular roll.
Her mood varies greatly in these various artworks. In one pic, she’s depicted as the gung-ho optimist we remember from Zootopia’s theatrical release, while in another, she becomes the jaded hard-case from the tame-collar version of the film. (In one or two of these pics, she’s about as upbeat as Judge Predd.)
Before we get to the artwork, it behooves us to offer a shout out to Jhoan Aguilar, aka Paradox_JH, the fan who commissioned most of the pics in today’s gallery. Thank you and well done.
And now, on to the pictures. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.
Music please Mr. Poledouris

We open with some solo images of Judy Hopps X Robocop.
Model sheet of RoboHopps Judy 

Robohopps Character Sheet Model by ParadoxJH
Source [2]
Here’s a couple of Zootopia fanart takes on the Robocop Movie poster.

Robohopps by Karmosin
Source [3]

RoboHopps by RodenBeard
Source [4]
It’s about to get UGLY!

Your move creep! by WMDiscovery93
Source [5]
Note Judy’s old meter-maid car in the background; a nice touch.

Robohopps by ParadoxJH
Source [6]
The artist that drew this one said the hardest part was getting the armor right.  And given the incredible amount of detail here, it’s not hard to see why.

RoboHopps Armor by @LizardbethArt
Source [7]


RoboJudy by Nauyaco
Source [8]
Here’s a RoboCop X Judy sketch by the great Steve Gallacci

The Future of Law Enforcement by stevegallacci
Source [9]
“What are YOU looking at?”

Future of Law Enforcement by ParadoxJH
Source [10]
Burly Robocop Judy

Robotaser by @Paradox_JH
Source [11]
And a nice action shot.

RoboCop Judy – Commission by fabiolinoart
Source [12]
In this one Judy B lookin’ like, “If I ever get my paws on that creep…”

Crossover3 by paradoxjh
Source [13]
Remember what I said at the top about Judy looking like Judge Predd in one or two of these pics?  This is one of them.

Crossover2 by paradoxjh
Source [14]
And it’s back to the the precinct for some R-and-R. (Repair and Refurbishment.)

Robocop Judy Hopps by LeoKatana
Source [15]
How about a Robocop Judy in stealth armor?

Robo hopps by ShoNuff44
Source [16]
Nice ears

Source [17]
Hmmm, a HAPPY Robojudy?  I dunno; I’m not sure if Murphy ever smiled in any of the Robocop movies. (And given how uncomfortable that suit was, it’s no huge surprise.)

Robo Judy by 14-bis
Source [18]
Many of the Robocop-Judy pics that Jhoan Aguilar commissioned come in two versions; the first one showing our favorite robobunny-cop with her helmet on, and the second one showing her without it.

Robohopps by @Paradox_JH
Source [19]

Robohopps by @Paradox_JH
Source [20]
I think Judy looks a little like the robot from Chappie in these next two images.

Judy Hopps Robocop by Saltamor
Source [21]

Judy Hopps Robocom Part 2 by Saltamor
Source [22]
Mean lookin’ bunny in these next two pieces.

RoboHopps Returns2 by paradoxjh
Source [23]

RoboHopps Returns 1 by paradoxjh
Source [24]
Robocop Judy makes her stand.

Battle-Damaged Robohopps1 by @Paradox_JH
Source [25]

Battle-Damaged Robohopps2 by @GallyStudio
Source [26]
My favorite gimmick in the Robocop films was always that holster-inside-the-leg bit.

RoboHopps by WillRios2 by @willrios
Source [27]

RoboHopps by WillRios1 by @willrios
Source [28]
Now let’s open things up a little and bring Nick Wilde on board.  In most of these pics he appears as Murphy’s partner, Lewis.

Robohopps and Nick by ParadoxJH
Source [29]
“You’re busted, pal.”

Call me Robobun by fanartiguess
Source [30]
“Now Chief….I-I can explain everything.”

What a Mess by fanartiguess
Source [31]
Even Robobunny cops need a break every now and then.

A Respite Among Ruin by WMDiscovery93
Source [32]
Next up, a few crossover pics that were inspired by Robocop II
From the movie’s opening scene.

Robunny Cop by Scottytheman
Source [33]
The scene where Cain took off Murphy’s gun-hand

My first Robohopps piece by Nauyaco
Source [34]
I’m not certain if the next three pics were taken from Robocop II or not…but they’re very close to some of the scenes in that film.
RoboHopps after being ‘stripped.’

Dead Again by @Paradox_JH
Source [35]
…And back at the precinct, waiting while OCP decides her fate,

On Life Support by @shinkumancer
Source [36]

RobocopCover Parody by @GallyStudio
Source [37]
And Finally…
I-I-I don’t thing the ED-209 really cares all that much for doughnuts, Benjamin.

RoboCarrots by newshift
Source [38]
Until next time…