Towntopia: My Adorable Home – A Zootopia Inspired Mobile Game!


Ever feel like there aren’t enough Zootopia games? Sure seems that way to me. I mean, with the movie’s unique art style and diverse cast of animal characters, there’s certainly a lot of potential to work with, like, oh say, a city-building game? I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love the opportunity to build my own version of Zootopia or Bunnyburrow. Well, looks like CookApps seems to share my sentiment given their new mobile release, Townopia: My Adorable Home.

That’s right, it’s Zootopia inspired city building game for mobile! Seriously, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s Zootopia inspired, the game summary literally describes it as such (and also that it’s apparently just a few hours from Zootopia, so that’s neat). If you’re in the mood for a city builder with fun characters and a deliberate Zootopia feel to it, then Towntopia will be right up your alley! Or else you can learn some pubg hacks from this site to excel in that game.

Towntopia: My Adorable Home is available to play right now over on GooglePlay. Why not download the app for yourself and give it a shot?

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