Art of the Day #475: Fear Itself

Nick and Judy Beat a Hasty Retreat by @ByronPHoward
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Hello again, Zootopia fans, and welcome to week #4 of our Inside-Out Emotion series. Today, we’re taking a look at a feeling to make your knees knock and your heart race, the one and only Fear.

One of the most common tropes in buddy pictures is the fearful character, paired together with a gung-ho partner. (Abbot and Costello worked this one to perfection.)

That’s something we saw a lot of in Zootopia. From the moment we meet her, we know Judy Hopps is Ms. Never-Say-Die. She even quotes FDR’s famous line at one point in the movie. (“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”)

As for Nick, his craven side doesn’t really begin to show itself until the scene in Mr. Big’s limo…but once it does, it’s an absolute riot.  (Of course, like all good cowardly partners in buddy-cop films, he eventually finds his mettle again. “I’m not leaving you.”)

And now, turn on the lights, grab your security blanket, and screw your courage to the sticking place–coz here comes the scary stuff.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Since Nick is the fearful one in the Wilde-Hopps partnership, it’s only right that we give him first dibs again.

Poor little Nick, that experience wasn’t just heartbreaking it was terrifying.

Young Nick Wilde by Esmerion
Source [2]

Recurring nightmare

Quicksand by Wulfruna
Source [3]

You’d be scared too, if you had to wear one of those things all the time.

Tame Collar Fix by NeonFragment
Source [4]

One of the most frightening things you’ll ever hear is when your dentist says, “Whoa-OH!”

Specialist in the Field by iPoke
Source [5]

♪ “Fawwwx on the run…” ♫

Nick Wilde V3 by carloscraft27
Source [6]

Moving on to the next series, we see that even Judy Hopps isn’t totally immune to the willies.

A furry Merry Christmas to all by iPoke
Source [7]

Don’tcha HATE when that happens?

D4-Freeze by @QalcoveArt
Source [8]

And that brings us to our scarified WildeHopps gallery.

We’re not sure WE want to know what’s in that alleyway either.

D26 – Dark by iPoke
Source [9]

There’s nothing like a ticking time-bomb for cranking up the ol’ adrenaline level, (especially when the darn thing doesn’t have a red wire!)

Bomb Disposal by @oimotomeru91
Source [10]

“We COULD have gone on Splash Mountain, but noooooo….!”

Awkward Vacation pt 4 aka You Spin Me Round by FluttershytheKind
Source [11]

Fearful fox meets wimped-out wolf.

Beastars x Zootopia by @Adonyne
Source [12]

Sometimes, Nick really scares Judy….

Don’t Do This With Your Gun, Pls by Ruffu
Source [13]

Im Wild by Foxiine
Source [14]

….but mostly, it’s the other way around.

Hold on tight, Nick! by Frava8
Source [15]

Zootopia fear by akamahura-yamato
Source [16]


COMMISSION Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Zootopia by Murlik
Source [17]

Here’s an interesting couple of pics; a terrified Nick in two completely different situations–but with almost the exact same body-language.

Zootopia:Resident Evil 4 DLC by chochi
Source [18]

strength rabbet by @SamurShalem
Source [19]

If they ever make do a Zootopia sequel, you can bet there’ll be a scene in it not unlike the next three pieces.

Just Shut Up already by もだな
Source [20]

To The ZPD! by Ruffu
Source [21]

What’s the matter?…Scared? by Nightron130Prime
Source [22]

…And when Judy really wants to scare the bejeebers out of Nick…

Happy Valentine’s Day by freedomthai
Source [23]

We close with some ‘skeered-folks’ artwork featuring a few of the other members of the Zootopia gang.

If you think it’s gonna be scary the first time Nick meets Judy’s parents, you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet

Coming to Dinner by akiric
Source [24]

Well DUH, Clawhauser’s a scaredy-cat.

Scared Spotless by JackOrJohn
Source [25]

As this piece of concept art shows, the original version of Finnick was much more fearful than the one we saw in the final cut.

Early Finnick by @ByronPHoward
Source [26]

…But we always knew Duke Weaselton was a coward.

. Thief – Zootopia by darkruby
Source [27]

“You were told to BUY those Nighthowler bulbs!”

This is a great pic on so many levels.  First of all, the little nod to Blacksad.  Secondly, even knowing what a creep the Dukester is, you can’t help wanting to jump in and save him.

Death to Predators by Deygira-Blood
Source [28]

Of course, Bellwether can be pretty darn creepy herself.

Dark Promise by Ziegelzeig
Source [29]

…Seriously creepy!

Movie Night by Wulfruna
Source [30]

And finally…

“Jinkies!”  “Zoinks!”

Zoinks, Sweetheart! by UncleScooter
Source [31]

Until next time…

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